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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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11 Sep

All my #feericfamily


If there would be a tool to measure happiness and gratitude I’d break the record in a heartbeat. And if I could share it with you I would do it in a blink of an eye.

Guess a better explanation is that I do #feelfeeric, I felt feeric during the fashion week and I #feelfeeric ever since. Actually I always do and most probably I always will.

This edition is so close to my heart and I will tell you why. First of all, my team rocked! We bonded so well and managed to have also fun while organizing everything in the backstage. It’s the second year we work in this format and I hope one of the many others to come. Iulia Iancu – casting director, Silvia Stefanini – art director, Luana Filimon –  hard to explain, she basically does everything!, Cristian Buca- key makeup artist and Geta Marin – key hair stylist – if I would have to choose again a team to make Feeric happen it would still be this one. As I am hard to please this says a lot haha. Joking. You truly are the best and I thank you from all my heart.



41501539_882642078596086_2861705944474058752_n 41446582_722972568043576_8730447251702284288_n

In my last 2 articles I wrote about The Yolo Party and F33ric competition. Now I wanna talk about the people. The people behind, the people in front, people that left a mark and made us #feelfeeric

I’ve always loved taking pictures (says she after 12 years of modelling) and through my career as a model and influencer met lots of photographers. I was really happy to have some of them part of Feeric. Even if it is hard for me to shoot during that week, thanks to the amazing team that made me look good in seconds we managed to take some great shots. For the first time in Feeric after shooting in London, Milan and Paris without any other introduction: Edward Berthelot, Ferruccio DallÁglio and Matei Vasilescu.

Edward Berthelot

edward berthelot

Ferruccio DallÁglio

ferruccio dall'aglio

Matei Vasilescu

matei vasilescu

After shooting together with Nicola Casini for years in so many contries we finally managed to take some pictures in Feeric, even if this is not his first time here.

Nicola Casini

nicola casini

Dragos Burcea was close to me each day and managed to capture me on camera step by step. I also managed, finally, to shoot with Ancira Adeon and Deni Denisee.

Ancira Adeon

ancira adeon

Dragoș Burcea


The only one that was there all the week and most probably took the most pictures in Feeric (as he is the runway photographer) but not even one picture of me… is Cornel Petrus. But don’t you worry… Soon we are gonna travel together to London, Milan and Paris for the fashion weeks… we will make up for all the shots we didn’t take during Feeric. Prepare yourself.

Team, models, designers, photograpers, volunteers, guests and audience, I thank you from the buttom of my heart for each smile you gave me, joy you brought, hard work you put into this and all the memories that will last forever.


And of course, all my love to Mitichi and Brylu, my Yolo friends that became my family. You make me #feelfeeric since the day I met you!



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