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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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10 Ian


Remember when in my first article I talked about "drinks on me"? Well, seems that dreams do come true! Being the 10th edition of Feeric Fashion Week, I'm gonna celebrate it in my own style. During the festival I'm gonna have my own party "Drinks on me by Landiana" And that`s not all! I just came up with the idea of using this number 10, cause is the best number of them all. So I'm gonna choose 10 photographers, the ones...
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27 Dec

Wake up call from Santa

wake up call from santa
Naughty or not it is my right to send a letter to Santa. What came back, tho', left me speechless. "Dear Landiana, I appreciate you still believe in me, but I think you forgot to believe in yourself. You asked me for a vacation, how can I offer you that when you travelled more than me this year? You asked me for more editorials when you made it to Vogue, for a new car when you were driving Mercedes by AutoSchunn in Feeric and you change...
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9 Dec

Never say no to Cosmo!

Let's talk about Cosmo! All the jobs start with a phone call, or in our days a Facebook conversation, same as in the case of the editorial I did for Cosmopolitan this month. My dear friend Victor, a very talented photographer, wrote me days ago if I am available to shoot. First thought: fuck it, that 5 hour road to Bucharest. Second thought: how can you say no to Cosmo? Truth be told, we were talking a lot of how...
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23 Noi

From catwalk to backstage

Today I'm gonna tell you how I started to work in the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe and how I #feelfeeric ever since. I was just coming from my trip in Milan and Mitichi, the fashion week president, asked me if I wanna be a model in his festival. Whaaaat? Did you really think I became Mitichi`s Joe Biden from the first day? I was just a tall skinny girl but I had a secret...
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20 Noi

Cold winter shootings

I came to Novi Sad for Serbia Fashion Week as the vicepresident of Feeric Fashion Week but also as a fashion blogger but it seems I can`t be myself without doing some modelling. My good friend and photographer, Nicola Casini, pitched and editorial for GQ Italy. How can you say no to that? You don't. It seems like every single time I work with him I am freezing. Literally. But that never kept me from saying no to him and we...
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