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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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4 Iul

Kilian, my forbidden love affair

What are you looking for when you choose a perfume? Your favorite scents? The forbidden ones? A new mix you've never encountered before? The story behind its creation? Talking about stories, Obsentum introduced me to a new one… By Killian. It's not the first time I meet Kilian, there is already a love affair between us and yes I'm still talking about the perfume. Maybe you saw it in my stories while I was traveling the world. But what I mean by "introduced to"...
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5 Iun

Maltese paradise

You know how after each trip I start my articles with “oh, I just fell in love with this place, wanna move here forever, wanna have a home here” and so on. And then there is me… in a cab on my way to the airport in Malta, headed to Bucharest, looking for how much rent is and how many flight destinations they have. Let me tell you the story from the beginning. Our dear #feericdesigners Charles & Ron are coming from...
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15 Mai

Forbidden scents

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-16 at 14.47.38
Told you before that Bucharest started to get to me… Now even more since one of my happy places launched a new location in the city. Hint: each time I was at Otopeni airport I was paying a visit to this place. Second hint: forbidden scents. Ok that was easy. You already figured it out that I am talking about Obsentum. The new location is at Baneasa Shopping City so that means I can get lost in the scents even more...
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2 Mai

Love Bucharest

Bucharest is so full of life! And delightful events! I am going to share here the story of some of them that charmed me and made me love love this place even more. Which by the way  I chose to call “the place I have the most things in” cause home would mean too much. I was born a traveler and as you already know I’ve got stuff in a lot of places. But this is the one where I change...
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17 Apr

Choose your favourite outfit

Raise your hand if you think April is the month for cleaning the wardrobe and switching winter clothes with summer ones. Some keep them in the same place, some in different boxes, others in different cities and there are others that keep them in different countries. Heard lots of stories. I have clothes everywhere. Cities, countries, boxes, places. Life of a traveler & fashion lover. Talking about clothes and literally looking at them while I'm writing this article determined me to share with you a...
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3 Apr

#FeericDesigners 2018

Last week got the chance to attend Bianca Popp’s show in Bucharest and if I am not mistaken was the first show I got to attend in Romania for a #feericdesigner from the first row and not running around like crazy in the backstage in order to organize everything as in Feeric. The collection was meant to leave me speechless, as usual, there is no doubt… but the thing is I felt… different. Is nice to just watch but… maybe...
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26 Mar

Travel like crazy

I always talk about where I travel or where I am or what I do in a specific moment in time. But never about what traveling means to me. “Travel” is the answer to most of the questions you can ask me. What makes me happy? Traveling What I would always do? Travel What I miss the most? Traveling Which is the one thing I would never give up? Traveling And so on and so forth. Some say cooking. Well, I know for a fact I...
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6 Mar

Next step: Feeric Fashion Week

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-06 at 01.46.26
Fashion week season came to an end I'm already making plans for the next one. It was by far the greatest season and I am not the only one saying that plus there's proof: all the magazines I was featured in as one of the best dresses influencers of the season. It couldn't be otherwise because I was dressed by so many talents like Bianca Popp, Luna Morgaciova, Alina Moza, Aida Lorena, Adriana Goilav, Amy Penny, Jagoda Bartczak, Andrada Bodea,...
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