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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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31 Iul

Best week of the year



If this would be a video I would start with a bow for all the people involved in Feeric Fashion Week, which I officially declare the best week of my year. And when I say involved I don’t mean their presence. I mean their hard work, sleepless nights and never ending days and the fact that they gave everything for this event to succeed. And so it did! I’m not gonna talk to you about all the “visible” part of this success which you can anyway see from the press releases shared on our page, but about the people behind the scenes that literally gave their last drop of energy for this festival. From models to designers to volunteers and the team behind I have to say I never saw such an involvement when it comes to the organization of an event of this scale. I mean seriously, when did you see models helping each other to get dressed in order to be ready in time for the next show? I’ve been in this industry for so long and it’s the first time I saw models working together as a team. But I also have to give credit to Iulia our casting director for choosing the best models and to Silvia our art director for organizing them so well. I don’t wanna make false statements but I don’t see myself managing the backstage in such an efficient way without their help. I worked with so many people during these years but when it comes to chemistry and connection I declare this the best team I had so far. 


Their patience and capacity of solving even the smallest issues is beyond words and I thank them for that. Talking about teams I must mention Cristian Buca, the main makeup artist, and Geta Marin, the key hair stylist of Feeric Fashion Week. 


They had to do hundreds of make-ups and hair styles each day and there wasn’t a single panic moment. Actually I was the one acting paranoid when I saw them outside thinking they were taking a break but actually the models were ready for the show in advance. How cool is that? There is not even a thing I can complain about regarding the organization of the backstage and that frustrates me cause guess what: being a person that’s always late I had the chance to work with people for whom 10 minutes means 8 minutes. Come on!! For me 10 min means 20. 


If we talk about professionalism I have to remember also the designers and believe me, I never saw over 40 designers all in one place acting so chill. 


If I come to think better the only stress I had in those days was expecting stressful situations, so when I saw everybody so relaxed and happy about what was happening that was stressing me out. 


I mean how great can a team be? Really? No problems? At all? There were 200 people in the backstage and the only „problem” I heard was „is there gonna be a party tonight?” And yes there was a party every single night cause we had the best sponsor Mysterium by Jidvei that took care of our good mood the entire festival.


Oh and there was a lot of good mood! 

That’s it so far. But stay close cause I have so many stories about Feeric!









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