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23 Oct

Fashion Around Europe, Literally – Episode 2


This journey ended up to be so spontanous we just stop planning for more than 4 days in advance. And so we did when we decided to spend 3 more nights in Prague. At the end of the day there is nothing waiting for us at home…  except the anxiousness to come out with a new travel plan.

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Doing so, we had the time to discover Prague even more and another reason for that was Designblock 2019 that offered us more information about the local fashion industry and the focus of local designers and exponants on sustainability – which I must add, has surprisingly increased.

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Take a moment to read this:



The moment came when we had to say our goodbyes to Prague and as we started to drive away towards our next destination, Berlin, we (spontanously, as mentioned before) decided to make a short stop in Dresden.

That was a moment that surprised me. Of course I knew about the beauty of Prague, saw Budapest before, heard lots about Bratislava, but Dresden?? Managed to leave me speechless. Such a nice surprise!

72479133_2186652521627986_5725500003263184896_n 73040692_627417704454164_4569368706387279872_n 74439403_691720977904001_3296863621358813184_n

A busy weekend was waiting for us in Berlin. We met with friends, found several interesting designers and had one of the best culinary experiences. Luckily for us we saw the Festival of Lights Berlin as it was taking place while we were there… but let’s take it one step at a time.

Our first stop in Berlin was the Gaijin Hotel that offered us such a unique experience and tought us how to live like „The Last Samurai”.

I am always happy to see that in my industry people are producing and consuming more consciously. But seeing this mentality in other fields makes me even happier.

Gaijin Hotel values sustainability and focuses on the essentials: Luxury that is not wasteful. Spent 3 nights that taught me so many things like – strangers don’t always stay strangers or that I could live with less possesions and that a healthy breakfast spent in good company could give you more energy than the hours slept; and most important, I found out that there is a bed so comfortable that only god knows how hard it was to leave behind. Gaijin means ‘stranger’ in Japanesse, so I have to say I am happy we didn’t remain strangers with the staff of the hotel whom I thank for the entire experience.

73147497_457762291755747_6675940347056488448_n 75210119_2260408600917752_232043863093542912_n 75210840_2293633220947086_6870672210047008768_n

75233723_991342524534532_8701952063543705600_n 73084389_481872169207006_2797356614141607936_n 74374379_2211840005775295_8669897687526539264_n


During our stay there, we were happy to meet Anne Kirchhoff, a promising emerging designer and find out about her techniques for a more sustainable future. Here is me wearing her outfits:

75472771_454533882079085_2159769784202297344_n 74956732_498516460699608_8239258642654691328_n

Coming back to the culinary experience I previously mentioned… Prepare yourself for the pictures that are about to come, and please do not hate me for this.

74435662_2574202049290174_6509181550230241280_n 73079880_546999096062782_9003553209758777344_n 72793449_457467401538338_4899610004497104896_n 73152852_412313799426238_5854231816780644352_n 74435662_2574202049290174_6509181550230241280_n 75241249_964192033913832_3689941609564078080_n

I told you not to hate me! Blame Coda restaurant Berlin for your feeling right now.

A unique fine dining journey, a modern dessert cuisine, a combination of tastes that made me and my team quietly enjoy our lovely dinner. We felt the great energy of the place as we entered and the staff was more than nice to us. After 9 courses (yes…9 delicious courses) it couldn’t end better than with a tour of the kitchen and more explanations of the concept behind. Sugar free even if it is a dessert restaurant after all, with lots of vegetarian options, drinks pairings and lovely vibe, Coda restaurant managed to bring this experience to another dimension.



Now that I opened your apetite, let’s talk fashion!

Went to Studio 183 where we found some great designers, lots of information about the local market, interest in sustainability, craftmanship and others. Won’t say more, I only want to tease you a bit before the documentary comes out.

73243584_912468315789439_7413644243350061056_n 73349222_2479619065605623_3482242639011512320_n 74173852_426127304773393_4245097713466605568_n 74328321_573168500088540_3831729844488503296_n


Wearing Studio 183 designers, a.Achat & Temper Berlin



While in Berlin we met with dear friends and spent great time together.

This is Cricss, a #feericdesigner that showcased about 5 years ago and we’ve been friends ever since.


Talking about Feeric, we also managed to #feelfeeric while being Schön!


Probably one of the few times we had the chance to chat for so long with Raoul, as we always met us during fashion weeks when time is very limited.

But after half a day spent together I guess we are on the right track.


I was only once before in Berlin for just one day and I am greatful I now had the time to discover and enjoy it more.

The fact that Festival of Lights Berlin was happening was also helpful because most of the roads were closed so our night walks became even more appealing.



Because we learned our lessons with Dresden when we came to understand small cities could have such a big impact, we decided to make a stop also at Sanssouci castle on our way to Antwerp, our next destination.

74945138_423020935078627_7147695036543533056_n 72831316_534805257091449_6135066723105112064_n 73416000_931962190514398_8915450305097760768_n

There is nothing to be added other than this images.

Being a traveler I came across lots of castles, palaces and so on. On the other hand, as I saw many places already, it is hard to still be surprised… or at least that’s what I used to believe. Now I take that back!


And as if wasn’t enough we arrived in Antwerp. But not before a quick stop in Hanover:



Tired after half a day spent driving, all we could dream of was jumping in bed at U Eat Sleep Hotel… but when we parked our car and saw the beautiful area it was located in we had to take a walk around. Worry not, we caught up for lost sleep and got fully recharged for the next days.


73296046_770217966753109_4869315779092283392_n 74908220_404577647119266_8916288485145444352_n

Still have some hours left to enjoy the city so I will keep you posted with how it ended up. Meanwhile… could you guess our next destination?








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