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Fashion Around Europe, Literally- Episode 3


Previously on the land behind the glam… the last episode ended in Antwerp, a city all 3 of us visited for the first time so we couldn’t wait to explore it.

Found some really interesting fashion stories during our stay, discovered the city, and of course as always, we did #feelfeeric.

Taking about fashion stories… We met Facon Jacmin , a story of 2 twins who joined forces to create a modern denim wardrobe for women. „The brand proudly breaks the restraints of fashion by diversifying and sophisticating denim” and most important, in a sustainable form that stood, which sits at the base of their brand. Read their story and never forget to RECYCLE!

74160993_983431792033770_4798801147760476160_n 74413335_407935910161249_4837224122758987776_n 74674498_891756477891266_2123990052336828416_n 76697396_1483894615082765_3105702688667467776_n

On the same sustainable note we met Helder Antwerp and big was our surprise when we found out the designer behind the brand is Romanian, same as us. Proud of her accomplishments and especially of her vision focused on sustainable processes, which she says is as important as the final product (and I agree).

72984912_405364343737284_5158888362588766208_n 74609483_432803217436119_2810523386143309824_n


Found the time to also explore the city even if it was hard to leave our cozy room at U eat & sleep

DSC08472 73243059_726537204510630_2675892018432966656_n 73554693_425868804799115_6563764313910149120_n

Back to the hotel where I found something I would like you to take a moment to read. Another way of „talking to the walls” haha.


So I ate & slept.. now it’s your time to Eat & Sleep in Antwerp! 🙂


Hope to see you again Antwerp!

72881829_469563683639287_5479402736594190336_n 74277302_961141497577309_4417793765708660736_n 76693299_618029808734014_4336528161220067328_n


Next day my team took me to the airport as I had to fly to Ljublajana for Society Soto conference where I was talking about Feeric Fashion Week and the steps that made it the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe. I had a blast and I am so grateful for meeting so many professionals of the fashion industry alongside all the promising designers.

73017412_426405834948484_7696925030470385664_n 74170322_517504715768327_4582544167107821568_n 74594641_441066379883092_8120214248132444160_n 74666260_428907824438359_3179867058653364224_n 75588189_2381259138802603_6581747148704972800_n 77123567_560336001393164_1816400433220943872_n (1)


Spent 2 great days there and then off to Brussels where the team was waiting for me. Got to say, I was starting to miss them but not for long… as The Hotel Brussels offers literally everything to their guests. We felt so comfortable there that we didn’t even go out to discover the city until the next day. So if you know us, that says a lot. We had the perfect time together and on top of it all… we had a million dollar view that will be hard to forget any time soon.

73220683_2505591706227532_984724666830553088_n 73533072_534611550439662_1250485105529454592_n

74913041_2502796896452740_780779489104756736_n 75446776_2201217606837241_6006530532463083520_n

Highly related to fashion, such friendly staff, coziness level beyond imagination and there’s more The Hotel Brussels had to offer. Guess what! Took my #feericteam for some pampering time. First, a moment at the spa, and later on some great time at the bar where Fabian van Roy prepared for us Globetrotter, which was voted the best cocktail in Belgium.

74595279_841369279593464_3486290976400474112_n  74647596_2571953433062004_72090764070354944_n 75388238_1167309146813622_26920361090088960_n (1) 75362271_3008225646069672_810631289928417280_n

Globetrotter                                                    Fabian van Roy


Probably we would still be in the hotel if it wouldn’t have been for the meetings we planned for the following day.

Had the big pleasure to meet Alain Mukendi, a revolutionary designer that offered us a different perpective of… shoes, literally!

73068017_3069158386446748_8842262202653081600_n 73279466_1255793824622606_2401102381656834048_n 74649844_439747393626076_2257783295834062848_n


I was happy to see the care of the next designers Catalina J and Ireene B for the environement and the things they are doing in order to help maintain a better eco system.

73286384_604172126788646_4272465816307367936_n 75635930_537792790392285_1310494075056553984_n

Ireene B



74455251_410022523008702_3601950013275504640_n 75262172_429789764325753_2917224225045479424_n

Catalina J


Next stop on our route was in Gent at the School of Arts where we had the privillege to interview Bram Jesper, Head of Fashion Department, about the opportunities offered to their students.

74174095_725308447952929_5613835951693365248_n 75371564_433695344007595_4240000661028077568_n


On our way to the Loire Valley, we did some stops to discover the beauties around. But first, The Hague for some more pampering…


Essential Aesthetics 


Allow me to share some beauty encountered on our route!


72638433_744646516052628_1369459092652818432_n 73504872_415981766010367_925772804719116288_n 74590849_2529374957343988_2860426632630370304_n 74670790_407236866892899_5288425843251478528_n 75369194_1682845238521107_3262745543620689920_n 75392690_730770714055943_5819230461838229504_n



74234775_771904383230781_1139853010046812160_n 76686326_669897446868599_6521370096185638912_n



73221554_537019720465061_1992393126265749504_n 73188173_502652133916382_508841976901140480_n



76901291_2527531840866657_342057839767846912_n 76710900_2326622417649708_7370559549503176704_n 74792855_483313379193295_6286945511245086720_n



73349375_2571451792932841_9183866781637279744_n 73375624_450821775557615_1895536481255030784_n



76616522_2451145121810090_1461053629631823872_n 74457570_2429211187397590_88632641632337920_n



Couldn’t be in the Netherlands without passing by  Amsterdam, where first, the beauty of the city mesmerized us, and then… designers left us speechless with their creativity.




First, we met Acide that was born 10 months ago and is already one of the most known brands in the country. We felt so welcome and loved to hear all her words, strategies, plans for the future and see such dedication and passion!

72959035_462692484646114_6239564999698677760_n 74584822_2788185777881128_8113986240610566144_n

74957268_416384725958462_1708273467608006656_n 77026048_451786642127554_5835706905573457920_n



Another story we fell in love with was the one of  Tess van Zalinge . Taking vintage wedding dresses and upcycling them in what you will see next, is something I found more than fascinating. Kept at the Fashion for Good museum in Amsterdam, the perfect location to show off the collection that focuses on sustainability, craftmanship and innovation.

73325202_714874948991910_5690177754134216704_n 73403976_387353788809473_492534226596397056_n 73458651_409974953013860_284224073607675904_n 74347149_2338155853102651_4408981248731512832_n


Off to Knokke Heist now where Felipe was waiting for us to arrive at his… paradise: B2B Luxury Apartments

73458942_807526236351801_5633089199159640064_n 74445013_706878586478885_3589280070205702144_n 75199953_539820476578012_7974825417569730560_n 75247392_2479546698994267_3957351384424120320_n 76644655_519637415484564_5838335408378740736_n 74337061_605750146919499_8888479680005406720_n


Now this was a place that offered us more than a stay. It offered us a friend and after having a quality time with Felipe and meaningful conversations we cannot wait for our paths to cross again in the very near future.

We thank him for the time spent together, the kindness and the energy he offered us.


If you tought we had enough of this country well, I still have one more city to add to the list. And that is Bruges.

73409211_733022217201050_3079783823756492800_n 75264901_674580672950415_8410706723429416960_n 75464385_564337317466408_5084044030560436224_n 76686431_2514408742108805_3928886269626548224_n



Such a full week! Such intersting stories that stand behind the hard work of all the people we met on our way.

And imagine that we are not even midway through our journey!


Until next time, yours truly!

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