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9 Noi

Fashion Around Europe, Literally – Episode 4


It’s a french affair! In every sense of the word.

Hope you are prepared for a story of castles, princesses and le joie de vivre francais. I surely was not ready to be that impressed. I had only read about the Loire Valley and seen it in movies so I was aware of its grandeour, but then…:


Let me start with the beginning. Our first stop was Deauville. Short stop just to admire its beauty and of course to see the place where Coco Chanel opened her first Boutique during the summer of 1913. Enjoyed our first French coffee at a local restaurant and then ran off to our next location.

74701501_2661771127209339_109803660715753472_n deauvile 3 deauville 2


Most probably one of the most impressive places on our route. Or that’s what I say every time we stumble upon a castle for the first time… it just keeps getting better!

mont saint michel


Mont Saint Michel just took my breath away. Saw it first from far away and with each step that got us closer I was at a loss for words and just stood there admiring its elegance. In case you do have „to vist list” and this is not on it I advise you to reconsider… delete everything & start all over again hahah.

74680718_1634914399983823_6797741058315780096_n 75412185_409978449683084_646808953652510720_n 74481475_567290937377358_1368076035874095104_n


In order to enjoy the experience at its maximum level we spent the night at Domaine de La Tortiniere

We had an authentic chateau stay in a residence that reflects the great Loire Valley chateaux traditions. We spent the night in a charming bedroom that combines classic style with modern comfort, had lovely talks with the people there and this gave us such good energy! It’s true that people can make a place more beautiful, as if there’s any need for that in case Val de Loire…

72944256_2558494874382122_4249139011404169216_n 73026950_2350699741723972_8709523326382374912_n 74532759_1150668951788406_8238256974676885504_n 74582532_627706871096102_1397637621462597632_n

75242180_1316286228579980_8897883506605031424_n 74632437_2185325548437646_5684835918624587776_n 74594069_419184018997211_8478826777349718016_n 73193156_1180234492182672_8426663158294249472_n


We continued our journey of Val de Loire and let me tell you one thing. Nothing could take its beauty away. Not even rain! Never have I enjoyed so much to walk in the rain!

Ladies and gents, some French chateaus for you:

Chambord Chateau 



Chateau de Chenonceau 

74329068_411805386427190_7681707553318764544_n 74519686_2243236149113595_6226236015372140544_n 74572525_2492028244251956_3272756919114137600_n 75210254_720228208499033_8256827567156232192_n 75247313_567278090767583_6834815331978969088_n 75289044_464561267496174_7220270766846115840_n 75429631_394776621403903_2324339157024899072_n


Chateau de Cheverny 

74912257_2331267213852200_1598451196798959616_n 75210297_478372512768796_7911786443104583680_n 75339568_780124555767289_5843612720594681856_n


Beware, there is more to come!

We came to understand we do like living as princesses and kings and so we did on our last night on the Loire Valley. Chateau de Pray made sure of that and oferred us an unforgettable stay that felt… like home 🙂

73295064_444765619511528_7370733628822650880_n 73364259_631594143913616_3537833044968734720_n 74493389_538278283632326_4595689988259053568_n

74848305_924177861283821_6263189729303330816_n 75567335_569985143773613_429482049401782272_n 7177c302-5ff6-4cc4-8bfd-57e016e4e557

Cozy longes, refined rooms, charming views… we will come back for you!


As nothing gives you an idea of a place better than talking to locals, we went off to meet Constance Fournier and learn about her brand and the french Savoir-faire. Creating exceptional custom made wedding dresses for brides that are looking more for an experience than a gown. Taking the brides-to-be from Paris to Touraine, making them connect to places around Val de Loire, listening to their stories, all this so that in the end she can create a dress that reflects their personality.

74385454_370238630385095_3050815931497316352_n 74473503_732213187265292_9093916113326047232_n 74492272_460440151262673_7027615778241249280_n 75462366_519279242132179_6295214311132364800_n


We will say our goodbyes to Val de Loire for now but if there is a place we wish to return to after this journey, be sure this is on the top of our list.


But we are still not over France! Bordeaux is our last stop… for the moment.

With the warm welcome by Hotel Konti  we couldn’t have ended our French affair in a better way. Right in the heart of Bordeaux, its the coziness succeeded in keeping us from our regular night walk. We decided to just take it all in and relaxed…

74396947_2399129226972124_2673917935499608064_n 75043218_413630676244715_6068308367091171328_n 75540230_461423427831566_5818937575133413376_n

76646856_540899073428223_6749437923369680896_n 76652034_477655082849155_1679121974086860800_n 77015068_468274610489914_5415801052693790720_n


Full of energy for the next day, we explored the city, being mesmerized by its beauty. All I ever wonder is why time runs so fast!? I wanted more of Bordeaux! But now we know what is second on our „to re-visit list”.

73546624_570660737014528_4227181652528332800_n 74487747_2508135812788228_7098703852131581952_n 75371537_535049077046538_2684273483902353408_n

75398415_585070212301192_5221584727512711168_n 76261827_718928455275965_7609091373014188032_n 76730159_506349503284102_549017530484654080_n

All this talk made me hungry! Dinner anyone?

Spent a wonderful time with my #feericteam at Le Bordeaux Gordon Ramsay and yet again, I said goodbye to my diet.

74495164_918701281846569_8018048100125900800_n 72158794_476086526346151_137237506620915712_n 74319322_2461047380799374_2654833050751336448_n 75246652_732788570532584_7713687261329489920_n

As if time well spent was not enough, they surprised us with a present from my beloved Guerlain.


Here is a picture of me enjoying dessert in good company!

Thank you for spoiling us Le Bordeaux Gordon Ramsay!


Had a busy scheldule in France but we always had the time to meet interesting people, hear inspiring stories to share with you and to discover places such as Darwin Camp. Exciting concept which we loved to get to know better. Here we met Aatise which embodies the concept of sustainability by all meanings.

74666243_2536011409768157_4316280564400259072_n 72627074_2692042420858359_7416393013829566464_n 75241289_1537040423103962_4724431409618354176_n 76762580_431779997745058_5650921216177864704_n

The brand creates pieces made on demand, and not only they use sustainable fabriques but some of them end up back in nature. Yes you read that right. So you can personalize your items from scratch and do good while looking good. Way to go Aatise!


Ending our French affair but not before a really quick stop at Dune du Pilat to enjoy… nature at its best.


Au revoir pour un moment France. I will see you really soon <3


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