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18 Noi

Fashion Around Europe, Literally – Episode 5


I will start this article with an invitation to a visual culinary experience. Arrived in Santander we went at Casona Del Judio where Chef Sergio Bastard spoiled us with 9 dishes that we will not forget soon. I felt even more spoiled than my #feericteam as he prepared for each course something vegetarian for me.


Big was our surprise to see him there at each moment, from opening the wine himself, to presenting the plates and explain each of the courses. Talking about surprises, every single plate had a story, a combination of tastes, but the one that impressed us much, was one of the desserts that while tasting it, we could inhale the smeel of burned hay, which is the smell he grew up with at his grandpartents. Chef Sergio, you took fine dining to another level and I can’t thank you enough!

73475146_2722047754512679_8825761994863804416_n 75402070_422609108681680_738760252089958400_n 75539980_2799402936759410_5801488591888580608_n

77092667_768574563548063_5265868279875895296_n 75627517_1331704310323422_6579419018732503040_n 78313362_2445573475553445_6560623309837303808_n

Right after that we made a quick stop at Santander beach on our way to Bilbao.


Oh Bilbao…

That was love at first sight. And most probably the city we have walked the most. From early morning till late in the night we walked and walked and… discovered nothing but beauty.

73364342_495298424402327_1405904106362503168_n 76896918_721283858369141_6360801730212397056_n

76197817_1529063347248436_6178732199609630720_n 73513473_542897276488537_9207397395623575552_n 78190272_465577184088502_8715601164667715584_n


In order to understand better the fashion industry there we had a talk with Biaaf ( Bilbao International Art & Fashion ) at the Cristobal Balenciaga Museum in Getaria. Such interesting talk we had with Rocio, that presented us their work and all the steps of helping young emerging designers.

9be45171-3ba5-4154-a9af-8b06ad82b577 43f7f9a5-4c67-4060-98a4-51ae6043dbd9 90a22188-5cd8-4e9a-a04c-18c7cd3c378d WhatsApp Image 2019-11-18 at 11.54.14 PM

I, for myself saw myself staying in Bilbao for a while… but then we had to continue our journey and next on the list was… Porto.


Bom Dia Portugal!!!  Show me why I felt in love with you while being a small child watching portughese telenovelas hahah.

74573896_588662431700760_7296159995698085888_n 74889335_569759753786745_8387638003111034880_n 75550478_440151433580513_1104413203367985152_n 75636017_1067865423553564_3591593889347141632_n

Always felt attracted by portughese culture, blame it on el sangre latino or not, but I enjoyed the days spent here more than I could express in words.

Had the pleasure to meet Scar-Id Store and talk about the local fashion industry and we loved to find out each detail of their approach to designers that confirms once again you can do bussines on a friendly level. They support a lot the local desigers and if you are ever around made sure you pay them a visit. As they have their own line also, Ater,  we met there the designer behind it, Hugo Veiga and besides the level of professionalism and creativity in design, he had such a nice way of telling us his story and the probems he encounters in the industry… I would advise him (once again) to start teaching. He would be a very good professor, amoung other things.

75491843_566309620788176_3337576960682360832_n 73349314_429799194371573_4503873792312868864_n 75158896_727930014283837_8659545523558023168_n 75474201_2518264398387078_4523987416217812992_n

There is so much beauty around in Portugal! It was a huge pleasure to get lost on the city streets! Each corner of the street was a surprise and walking 15 km a day felt nothing but pure joy ( and great legs)


On our way to Lisbon we made few more stops to discover the beauty of the places we have only heard of. And by the time we reached Nazare we were halfway of our journey.


35 cities. 9 countires, 5500 km, 30 days… and counting!

SO we have reached Lison… God knows how much I wished for the time to stop while being there! I didnt have enough of it and that is good, so I have reasons to come back. And so I will.

69331846_563903910844582_5707187512548524032_n 72240041_956023194782193_1441305773731741696_n 75233571_538848926664825_7180198601715351552_n 75552886_2141386706156912_2595734867694059520_n

75610617_433256024013427_78670039787503616_n 76710675_2572607946118168_3030297708788187136_n 76786423_525955954916535_275449661580378112_n 77354417_3236908386323702_7420794281566142464_n

Meeting Moda Lisboa was so inspiring as we came across people so dedicated to help emerging designers develop and work in the industry. It is common that we met only kind people wheerever we went, but I canoot help it of thanking them again for the warm welcome!

e7ece3ad-2668-4f99-a0c2-7bb1f88075fe c8d1cb17-1c9f-4c79-aea9-d951428f3caa

Now I invite you in a trip to… the future. Hosted by Evolution Lisboa, a high tech hotel right in the heart of Lisbon, I must admit, was the only place that could keep me inside and not feeling sorry about not walking down those streets of the city. Do you know that kind of hotel that had everything, literally? there are not many but sure Evolution Lisboa is one of them. I mean please, contradict me if I am wrong. I will give you few examples so then you can decide. You can control your room with a phone application, open bar 24/7, sauna with a view… Did you book a city break yet?

75569735_433746340877149_328220150924836864_n 78124385_433162130714902_6749405848553914368_n 78243126_490273028243709_7313876731499118592_n

75481631_486516151962775_1477449005859340288_n 7dc84991-3aeb-4926-af26-c0f8d6abe75c

Here to tease you more with some other places we encountered amoung our route if not.


75233384_728313291007555_2954302621877272576_n 75550485_2682834711774530_2896101279531008000_n 76963871_272071047065306_1500925730890973184_n 76760080_2151411218499309_6319249021135224832_n 77061345_2573838092705407_1341584815031320576_n


Cabo da Roca – the westernest most point of Europe

75649440_466960330596523_1644385665871249408_n 77295640_2526006840955248_8791029947255750656_n 76720765_1147344325469599_7488023726772977664_n



We could’t have been in Lisbon without talking to one of the most promising designers out there. Constanca Entrudo is a textile designer that creates everything you see in her collections from scratch. Of such uniqness we rarely see, combining colors and fabrics in such a creative way, we truly felt in love with her work and I recommend you to follow it. There is much to be learned from her.

74395481_2474295882845502_1903396108197953536_n 76601262_2476392795970642_2747691106979282944_n ea1cbe4d-294e-4ef7-ae58-3ce02b1d5e97

A boat trip was also in order cause… why not?

75552979_525693691605088_5811848555517706240_n 74481671_1177340565795609_4266678261976662016_n 75472814_421102875504139_3960906655272534016_n

76939617_421360572128193_6754536972968001536_n 78144318_3058522731038727_6116172371696025600_n 75233608_585839525558080_4076472792004952064_n


And now let’s walk together on the teritory of Longevity Alvor that besides its aestethics and comfortness offered us a healthy stay. Yes, you read it right. From enjoying a detox tea in the lobby, to healthy breakfast, aromatheraphy in the room… but then… the most healthy thing ever is a natural smile, and so was ours when we saw…:



Felt more than welcomed and I suggest you to take a break from your daily routine and check everything Longevity Alvor has to offer here.

74604727_417616945574573_144050445738835968_n 72461525_348868982611913_1831668767080316928_n 73404072_576874163049029_2969625720864636928_n

75456669_2537252693177486_6385336949934129152_n 75650569_433547927538626_2588965793077133312_n 76695172_526842344713921_8688509876764147712_n76693214_487715248501713_8566224173502824448_n


Last stop in Portugal before reaching Spain again was Ponta da Piedade which proves what a beautiful architect nature is.

75580107_1311407899061875_1964026538017947648_n 78064184_757447238015107_3306999254551101440_n 75258520_2477893772447800_4776358040968364032_n


That’s it for now, I go listen to some flamenca before reaching Huelva.

Don’t forget to follow our journey here!

See you here same time, next week, with more stories <3





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