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4 Oct

Fashion Weeks with #wbottle


Another fashion weeks season has come to an end and as always, I am happy to share with you the highlights of it.

Needless to say it was a total success. I had a countless amount of fun,I still #feelfeeric even if it’s over, I felt #Schon every minute of each day, and been doing what I love the most: Consume less, Pollute less!, and this time in such a fashionable way!


Credit photo: Edward Berthelot


We all know already that #feericdesigners are unmissed from the fashion weeks but what we didn’t know is that there is one accessory that goes hand in hand with each one of them.

And when I say it was with me each step of the way, I mean it. Without any other introduction, #wbottle.

71950303_1361266484042365_6728604368456646656_n 71836243_3163359213735962_5777958261370126336_n 71761289_774005006385957_6787765154957230080_n


71814586_512669719518067_40387724967936000_n 71806692_453638188832161_525522298438942720_n 71314347_2217302338373743_2752308656383983616_n

Reusable insulated stainless steel water bottle…. Where were you until now?

Remember when I used to tell you how much I was freezing each day and how tired I was and so on?

Well… ain’t gonna hear it this time. Who knew a bottle could save me from all those problems? Seriously, who knew???

71585428_604476900087013_7663866216221507584_n 71544102_2460771470665905_68127467033853952_n

Leaving home in the morning and returning back in the night, imagine the amount of plastic bottles I was supposed to consume in order to stay hydrated if it weren’t for my #wbottle?

Also, foget the aestethics and the warm drinks.


On a more funny note, there is something I have to share with you also.

As I was running from a show to the other and I love to take care of my friends I was often offering them a sip of my tea. Not even once did I forget to mention to them how hot it was.

Doing it once was nice, but at the end of the day I was using the same words over and over again: “Would you like some tea? Take care, it’s super hot”

Everyone around was like “We geeet it, it is hot!!!”

But it really was. For 12 hours!! Hahah

72067718_517213745777975_4581724919275978752_n 71731242_514093112708896_1709438739480051712_n 71711662_759730961135825_563848263011139584_n

Credit foto: Marco Giro

Thank you #wbottle, you kept me fresh, warm, looking good and most of all, you helped me to Consume less, Pollute less!

We do such a great team together and I can’t wait to take you with me everywhere I go.



Find your #wbottle here and… Take care!! It’s really hot!






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