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6 Sep

Feeric 33 Awards


I was waiting for a long time to write this article! One of the highlights of this edition of Feeric was our competition for emerging designers, F33ric.

Since we started to organize it and receive applications, each video call we had with our scattered worldwide team started with a ”have you seen this one? And what about that one, and the other one?” 112 of them! After the 33 were chosen, Feeric was getting closer, everyone started to arrive in Sibiu and I couldn’t wait to see live what we all saw in pictures and moodboards. Me and Myra Postolache took them in custody and not only on the days they were there. We will continue to work together as I continue with my mission in supporting young talents.

There is no secret to whom the winner is, as everyone wrote about her. Kalina Klara Kocemba from Poland is the happy winner of our competition.

kalina kocemba 2 kalina kocemba 3 kalina kocemba


Heard it was hard for the jury to choose as all of the designers were very talented. You can see all 33 of them here

The jury was  formed by international journalists, buyers and professionals from the fashion industry, Raoul Keil, Founder and Editor in Chief of Schon Magazine, Diane Pernet, Founder of ASVOFF ( A Shaded View on Fashion Film ), Patricia Lerat, Founder of PLC Consulting and curator of Designers Apartment in collaboration with Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, Riccardo Terzo, Fashion Stylist and Contributor of VOGUE Talents, Liana Satenstein, Fashion News Writer of VOGUE US, Adriana Di Lello, Fashion News Director of ELLE Italia, Tania Cursano, Founder of IT-ELITE Showroom, Carolina Molossi, Founder of Get Book A Look Digital Showroom.

There were 4 other awards offered to the designers from F33ric. IED- Instituto Europeo di Design offered a Summer Course Scolarship to Tara Lalic from Serbia.

Tara is also the winner of a collaboration with V for Vintage, trade-fair platform.

Tara Lalic

tara lalic 2 tara lalic 3 tara lalic

From 33 magazine the award as in a cover + fashion editorial goes to Ionut Piscureanu from Romania.

Ionuț Piscureanu

ionut piscureanu

ionut piscureanu 3

ionut piscureanu 2

Last, but not least, here comes my award. Next to Kalina Klara Kocemba I chose Luna Morgaciova from Romania and Eva Lili Bartha from Denmark to take with me during the fashion week season in September and promote them in big magazines from the fashion industry.

So stay close and follow my journey to London, Milan and Paris. I will post so much as to make you feel part of the fashion phenomen together with me.

Luna Morgaciova

luna morgaciova 2 luna morgaciova 3 luna morgaciova

Eva Lili Bartha

eva lili bartha 2 eva lili bartha 3 eva lili bartha


In the end, I want to congratulate Myra Postolache and Mitichi for everything they did and continue to do for this industry. If we’re still talkking awards, the fashion industry won the lotery with these 2 in it. And so did I getting to work on projects like this with such a team! To many other to come!



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