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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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3 Apr

#FeericDesigners 2018


Last week got the chance to attend Bianca Popp’s show in Bucharest and if I am not mistaken was the first show I got to attend in Romania for a #feericdesigner from the first row and not running around like crazy in the backstage in order to organize everything as in Feeric. The collection was meant to leave me speechless, as usual, there is no doubt… but the thing is I felt… different. Is nice to just watch but… maybe not for me. I want to be part of it, to feel anxious, the energy I have behind the scenes is incomparable. So dear Bianca, congratulations, you never seize to amaze me, but can’t wait for the next time I will see your collection in Feeric’s backstage during fittings and rehearses and everything.

Meanwhile I couldn’t resist the temptation and took this dress straight outta catwalk and can’t have enough of it:

bianca popp2
This being said what about I give you a glimpse of the new #feericdesigners that I can’t wait to work with again or for the first time.
1. Mondovi

2. Cindyalan

3. Pia Carregal

Pia Carregal
4. Sergio Marey

Sergio Marey
5. Pimpi Smith

pimpi smith
6. Beatrice Ferrer

beatrice ferrer
7. Nogol Zahabi

nogol zahabi
8. Cat & King

Cat & King
9. Modement

10. Fedra Couture

fedra couture
11. Adriana Goilav

12. Ocantos

13. Charles & Ron

charles & ron
14. Ana Maria Galan

ana maria galan
15. Bianca Popp

bianca popp
16. Luna Morgaciova

luna morgaciova
I know right??? I am mean for not sharing more with you. Oh if you knew how many other surprises I still have. But If I tell them now you couldn’t wait for the time to fly. If you think for me is easier just know that I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE TIME TO FLY!

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