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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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23 Noi

From catwalk to backstage


Today I’m gonna tell you how I started to work in the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe and how I #feelfeeric ever since. I was just coming from my trip in Milan and Mitichi, the fashion week president, asked me if I wanna be a model in his festival. Whaaaat? Did you really think I became Mitichi`s Joe Biden from the first day? I was just a tall skinny girl but I had a secret… not gonna say it cause maybe you wanna steal my job. I`m joking! It`s all about passion. I always knew Mitichi has the ability to read people and see what they are capable of. But how could he see something I didn`t even know I could be? He must have a secret too.

So, for some years I was working only as a model. As years passed by, Feeric started to get bigger and bigger and in need of many models. The castings sumed up to more than 50 girls per session and many of them were beginners and in need to learn quickly the secrets of the catwalk. So, Mitichi asked me to teach them how to walk the podium. I`ve always done it by instinct … how do you teach an instinct? I came up with a story for the girls. „Imagine that you are going to the supermarket and your long time crush is following you. How do you walk to get his best attention?” And it worked! Ohh girls…

Years passed by and one day, a day I will always remember, it was 2 weeks before the fashion week. Mitichi told me all of the sudden, „so, Landiana, from today you are going to be the backstage coordinator!” I was like „wooow!!! Coool!!! Amazing!!! Whats that??” I was so sure it was a joke. „How can you put me in charge with something that big 2 weeks before? I need trainings and somebody has to help me and you have to tell me what to do and so on”

His reply came: ” dont worry you’ll handle it. You just need to take care of models, hostess, volunteers, makeup, hair, designers, transportation and foood. JUST! With my own methods I managed to handle it. And by methods I mean lists. Hundreds of lists. We still fight over this cause the lists were not on excel and when he needed something from me it was taking me hours to dig in my mountain of lists. Guess it worked, cause he promoted me :D. I got to be the vice president of the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe and next to Mitichi and Brylu, the executive producer, who is always there to fix everything (besides his hundreds tasks) and by everything I mean damn everything! Even when a tree was falling down at a location because of the wind he had a solution for it!

And then there were 3… each of us has people in our teams that are doing a great job and i proudly call them #feericteam.

We all travel together and we have fun and work and party and fight just as a #feericfamilly

So thank you Feeric for giving me the chance to grow next to you and for making me #feelfeeric !!!


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