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Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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22 Oct



What’s that one thing that completes an outfit? A bag, indeed. Another really succesful season for my team-up with Furla. Together we proved that we can give that magic last touch, think of it as the cherry on top and make each outfit of our #feericdesigners steal looks of envy from the public.

By now I can consoder myself as a regular at fashion weeks so every time I arrive at a fashion show I enjoy the street style phenomen so much that the photographers actually gave it a name, my name – #landitime


And guess what, after shooting my entire outifts and the details, Furla got its own hashtag. #furlatime

And what’s really funny is that even after the fashion weeks, everytime they randomly see Furla around, they send me selfies with it.

When I will show you my selection of pictures you will understand why even the editors of magazines featured them in the best street style columns.

44458186_180760339469678_3824143557854232576_n 44498358_400062190529494_2724586691187703808_n 44606605_340027536763297_439446115830464512_n 44658285_253048818692735_4493388548782686208_n 44519427_475117773013591_527768141132988416_n

But you know what I love the most when it comes to Furla bags? You basically have more than one bag. Thanks to the removable and adjustable strap and to the flaps, you can always change according to the occasion. And if this wasn’t enough, it doubles up as a shoulder and crossbody bag.

Retro vibes, velvet sets, glitter finishing, unconventional elegance. These are the elements that make the last Furla collection that one thing you dream about while you’re getting ready to go shopping.

44520857_2197504526946801_671119774217928704_n 44497855_2266344026918785_2192247940347592704_n 44493032_582761675516421_911895408903454720_n


Now go get yourself a Furla bag. Oh, and do not forget… a girl can never have too many bags…


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