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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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Happy New Year

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2017 came to an end and I am more than grateful for all the accomplishments we made that took us so far. Talking about far I mean also physical distance as I am writing this article on the beach in Punta Del Este, Uruguay.

I come to realize it is all about people. It is because of the people in my life I became who I am today and it’s because of them I enjoyed this road so much.
Also I wish to all my friends from all the places around the world to smile as much as I do when I look back.

I will tell you how I spent the last days of the year both in Buenos Aires and Uruguay.
After spending my Christmas in the airport, which was not bad after all, I was welcomed by my dearest friends Andrea Garmendia and Eduardo Ocantos and we had our first coffee at Pasadena, just like we used to almost every day in March.

#feericteam never stops working and with Eduardo being our representative in South America he had planned some meetings for us and all I can say right now is that you will see great designers on the 11th edition of Feeric. Moreover, we met Paula Doretti, the commercial representative of Conde Nast in Mexico and Latin America. So let’s hope for great news soon and when I say great I mean Vogue ?

Between meetings I went to visit some of my favorite place in Buenos Aires and also to discover new ones like Fendi Casa, Roberto Cavalli Casa and Presidente Bar where I had a great risotto which you must try if you ever pass by.
And then… a new adventure was waiting for me: Punta Del Este, Uruguay.


Not to mention when I got to the destination! I still wonder  why do people need to sleep?
Couldn’t get enough of this beautiful place where I enjoyed so much to discover new parts of it each day. I also had the pleasure to be invited to a couple of very interesting events like the party of Revista Caras or the exhibition in memoriam of Carlos Paez Vilaro. Of course it just made me feel more in love with the people, the country and appreciate even more the sangue latino.

And last but not least, the greatest party, the New Years Party. These people sure know how to party and how to make me happy. Had an amazing time and I can’t thank enough to my dears Andrea and Eduardo for all the experiences that forever will make me smile.
This being said I wish everybody a Happy New Year with lots of energy and inspiration!

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