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Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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23 Oct

Lenor. `Cause I`m feeling good


I am going to tell you another story about a friendship that started at Feeric Fashion Week.


Lenor was our partner this year and the story behind what we accomplished together united us even more. Their new long lasting scents were part of our festival, scents inspired by nature, scents that fit me perfectly as I am a nature lover.


They created this great collection that you can watch here and did a spectacular show which you can see at least in part in their new commercial tv spot.

When Feeric was over it meant that the fashion weeks were getting closer and this got me very excited as I knew that this year I could count on Lenor during my inspirational fashion journey.


One of my biggest problems while traveling is the smell of the suitcases, but having Lenor with me made me forgot about this problem and made me feel at home.


Lenor silk tree blossom followed me to London with its ravishing and uplifting perfume that revitalized my mood. Such an effect it had, that it made me confidenct enough to be featured in Elle Spain wearing this gorgeous Lenor outfit.

In Milan I took with me Lenor Deep Sea Mineralsi and as a perfect duo we rocked #mfw


I still remember that I was walking the Italian streets felling as if I were on vacation at the sea side with a vaporous dress by Lenor. That was the moment in which I realized it can become addictive. So here’s how a fabric conditioner becomes a guilty pleasure.


Paris was next on the list and I kept for the end one of my favorite fragrance, Lenor Shea Butter. This scent gives me so much energy and makes me wanna breath in freshness forever.

(and the moment when I realized we will always be inseparable was when the Uber driver asked me what perfume I use ? )


Even if sometimes weather was not as great as I’d hoped for, even if sometimes I felt cold, I knew I could count on Lenor to give me that soft touch which always made me feel comfortable and cozy, no matter the weather conditions.


When you feel good, you look good!Thank you Lenor for always making me feel good with your romantic outfits and lovely fragrances. Thank you for being one of the best travel companions I had during this crazy, interesting journey and for always taking me on a different voyage with the perfumes you created!


I feel good in Lenor !

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