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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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5 Oct



Previously, on the land behind the glam:

Been travelling for the fashion weeks in Milan and Paris, covered more than 50 events, had lots of meetings and met so many interesting people. Run across the city all day long, slept less than 5 h per night, ate… something on the run, did all this on heels and my point is… I was not tired. Yeah, that surprised even myself.

As the worst secret keeper, here to share with you what helped me do all that, on time, still looking fabulous at the end of the day, while protecting the environment.

Ready? Steady? Lime!!

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-05 at 11.25.10 PM

Gone are the days word “blister” was part of my vocabulary. And with that comes a large smile on my face. For all the women out there reading this, I know you feel me.

On the same note I must add I don’t often commit, but I would do it to a #lime haha

And to anything that helps me to Consume less, Pollute less!



In such periods as the fashion weeks is impossible to find a car, and the amount of time spent in traffic is not  only a waste, but I for example, feel so sleepy after a car ride. Without mentioning the harm we do to our planet.

So now, we can reduce all of that. Pollution, wasted time, and the best part for all the ladies out there?

We can do it in heels. Believe me, I have tried. Funny how an electric scooter solved so many of my problems, don’t you think? If there is something that we love, is to #LimeInStyle



On a more funny note, once I returned home, which I surely missed, what do you think was waiting for me in front of my building? A lime!! I knew it is easy to find one but didn’t expect to have it so close. So what do you think I did after leaving the bags (unpacked) upstairs?


Exactly, took that lime for a ride to rediscover the beauty of Bucharest while completing my tasks.

As the #lime team says “we believe that city life is a beautiful life”. Indeed it is!

It took my 45 minute to reach all the places I had to arrive to in order to complete my assignments for the day, which would have taken a lifetime in other circumstances.

Also, saved some time for a coffee with the girls <3



Luckily, I took advantage of the blocking option and had the scooter for myself the entire time.

Whoever invented the phrase „partner in crime” knew exaclty what they were saying!


Unlock your lime, Unlock life! #InTheLimeLight








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