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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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19 Dec

M Calendar 2018



The 10th edition of M Calendar has been launched and I am more than honored to be the main character in it. Again

My collaboration with M Calendar started years ago when I was part of one of the most creative photo shoot I ever took part in.

It always comes to mind every time someone asks me if I have a funny memory when it comes to shootings.

There you go:


No words needed, I think the picture says it all. Was funny how the pigs started eating my dress off and all the team was laughing while I couldn’t stand still. Now I also laugh when I remember, but in those moments I hoped the dress would never finish, at least as long as it took to have the shot done.

Next year the theme of the calendar was “natural beauties of Romania”
Even though I was on the cover of it and on the pages next to real beauty queens, it was not about us but about the most spectacular places in our country.


In 2013 we shot the Calendar at Boromir factory, a regular meeting spot of Feeric Fashion Week year after year, where you can see me next to food:


I put some weight on at that shooting as they also make sweets there!

To make up for the years I missed from the Calendar because of my travels, in 2016 Mitichi gave me the opportunity to leave my mark on it. We worked together and transposed in pictures the life of a model traveling to Berlin, Milan and Paris. Here is a picture but make sure you follow M Calendar in order to see all the pictures.


One year later we went at a castle. Not any castle but Jidvei Castle. And we spent some pretty exciting days with the team there. It’s actually the place where we decided to start the blog you are reading now 🙂


As you can understand each calendar left a mark on me and it will always be one of the most amazing projects I got to be involved in.

So now, once again, I had the opportunity to be the only model featured in the 2018 calendar. This time for the anniversary edition and the shooting took place in Dubai.
I am going to let the pictures talk for themselves because there is no introduction needed:

image6 image22 image21 image20 image19 image18 image17 image16 image15 image14 image13 image12 image11 image10 image9 image8 image7


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