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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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22 Mai

Made it to Showbit :)


You already know about me that anywhere I travel I end up making friends. So I got to meet Ferruccio Dall’Aglio and after shooting everyday and having a great time together, he and his team asked me to answer to an interview. Thank you for the opportunity guys!!

So get to know me better thanks to Showbit.info by reading all the interview below.

Outside Christian Dior Fall 2017, Paris

Outside Christian Dior Fall 2017, Paris

From being model to fashion blogger: when did you create your blog and why did you choose to start writing?

The blog was launched in November, after a discussion with my team when we decided to create something different, to show another side of the fashion world, because we are all involved in it. I like to think we do everything different and it seems it’s working as we have been named the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe and the most creative fashion week in the world. Personally I’ ve always had the pleasure to unveil what sits behind the glam, to show from a different perspective what it really takes to be in this industry. And as we always work so well together, this blog was born.

Today it seems that fashion bloggers are under attack, often criticized by editors and journalists. What do you think a fashion blogger can add to the system?

It is understandable that the journalists feel the need to attack. After all they have studied a lot to get where they are and nowadays it’s so easy for someone to create a blog and post their opinion about a domain based on simple speculations. But after all people take what they need from what is shown to them. That is also a reason why not all of the blogs created survive. At the end of the day each individual has the right to have an opinion with whom the others may agree or not. What fashion bloggers can add to the system is their own style and the creativity that consists in building something unique, combining all fashion brands and creating an idea that may not be under attack.


Outside Valentino Fall 2017, Paris

How did you start collaborating with Feeric Fashion Week and which are your tasks as vice-president?

I started my collaboration from the first edition, as a model and year by year I grew with it. In the following years I was the casting director, the backstage coordinator and finally I made it to VP. I am in charge of the content of the production of the shows and I coordinate all the shootings and editorials as well. These actions involve my relations with designers and I need to ensure the backstage production is going perfect. For this I build a team of 5 to share some tasks…but the most important task is to make people #feelfeeric.

Outside Les Copains Fall 2017, Milan

Outside Les Copains Fall 2017, Milan

Which are, in your opinion, the strengths of this fashion week?

This fashion week is offering to the designers unlimited resources to develop their business. And not only designers, but everyone involved. People really can combine here business with pleasure. We have among us people from more than 25 countries, and more and more are interested to come here. We work with ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, everyone leaves satisfied and comes back for years in a row so this creates strong bonds behind stage which are also reflected in the final result.

We noticed that every outfit you wear during the fashion weeks is made by Romanian designers. Is this a way to support local names, to make them known outside the country?

Yes that is true, all my outfits from the fashion weeks were from #feericdesigners. I believe they are truly talented but unfortunately not all have the chance to conquer the fashion world, some of them are still at the begging. And I also find their collections unique and different so it’s a perfect match with my idea of style.

Outside Valentino Fall 2017, Paris

Outside Valentino Fall 2017, Paris

What is in your handbag?

I always have with me powder, mascara, and a backup charger to be sure I am always connected to media, and of course business cards. This is my essential travel kit and these items never miss from my purse even if I often change them.

If you could live in any era, when would you chose?

If I would have the option to choose an era I would stil choose this one. My job depends on networking and social media, so choosing another era would mean to think of another job and that is hard to do when you feel you can leave a mark by doing what you like. But I am really inspired by the baroque period and I think I could adapt fast at that bohemian lifestyle. Even if I believe corsets are a nightmare for woman. As a matter of fact Rome is one of my favorite cities and as baroque was born there I see myself walking down the streets in those gowns and enjoying the architectural details. And because I don’t believe in perfection I rely on the “imperfect pearl” style.

Plans for the future?

There are a lot of future plans in my mind. I always want to be present at all the big fashion weeks, I dream to take the blog to the top and to influence everyone with what I do. I want to encourage people all around to follow their dreams and to keep believing in what they do. I will work with my team to get all the fashion world come at Feeric and feel what the concept of #feelfeeric really means. We are so far in top ten fashion weeks in the world and we won’t stop here. The plan is to leave a mark wherever we go with both projects that fulfill me completely and so far it’s going better than expected.

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