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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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17 Oct

My new best friend


If in the last article I decided to make a gift to one of you, now I will tell you the story behind a gift I received.

It’s a story of friendship between me and the #ghd straighter. Yeah I know, sounds like a cliché because I am a woman and so on, but trust me, when you travel the world with just a suitcase there are things that really make you happy. And it was that one thing that made me look fabulous each day.


They say a friend is supposed to put a smile on your face each day and be there for you when needed. Exactly my point!

Our friendship goes way back, I already told you about how we met and that I will always be grateful to Feeric for introducing us. Now I got the opportunity to travel in 3 different countries next to my #ghd and ohh the things we’ve been through.


We started our journey in London which hasn’t much of a hair friendly weather. I woke up on my bday, enjoyed my coffee and as I looked out the window I saw a windy, rainy day ahead. I was sure the idea of making my hair curly was not a great one, so I went for wavy, just enough to obtain a messy look after having stepped out in the rain.


So I started to use the straighter which by the way makes a sound when you press it, and as no one sang happy birthday to me… you got it.

I gotta admit I am not that great with hairstyling, or at least that’s how things were up till then. So I woke up really early in order to have time. But with #ghd I finished way before time and so I was left with more time to enjoy my day. Who knew astraightener could do so much? Now you know, so you can thank me later.


Got my waves with me as I’m leaving the apartment in order to attend the shows I was invited to and just as planned the weather helped me obtain the look I was hoping for. The messy-chic hair that I couldn’t have had even after hours spent at the hairdresser. Afterwards I realized #ghd was a British brand and putting all pieces together it all makes sense now.


After London I got to Milan and I chose a pink outfit when I did my super curls cause we all deserve to be Barbies for a day.

In Paris I chose a straight hair and it’s amazing how I can change my look so easily with just one amazing tool.


Even if I used the #ghd straightener every single day my hair is really healthy cause I always used the #ghd heat protection spray. Smooth hair every day.

But not just that, my hair is healthy also due to the heat control of the straightener which heats up just enough to style the hair but without damaging it.

I mean, how many pluses can you have #ghd???

Thank you #ghd for being part of this journey and for taking care. I look just fab on the big magazine that featured me. For a good hair day, every day!


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