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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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15 Dec

Perfect 10 for Feeric Fashion Week


Mid December… Christmas coming soon… what is there to do? Getting excited for the 10th edition of Feeric Fashion Week that`s going to be in July! Start planning, make the lists, organize castings, meet everyone… yuhuuu … ahh, and the Christmas tree 🙂


10 years ago, Mitichi had an idea, a brilliant one, and thanks God he had it. He started with a small fashion show in a city full of things happening all over the year and look where it is now! The greatest of them all in Eastern Europe. And that`s not the limit. People #feelfeeric on 3 continents and there are 25 countries where #feericfamilly is spreading its wings.


You just need to look at the cover photo for the 10th edition. It`s shot by Oltin Dogaru, one of Feeric`s greatest friends, starring none other than my very close friend, Dayanaaaa Reeves.

You should see me now, I stay with the phone in my hands and there are so many things I wanna write about but I am not limitless as Feeric. I mean, I am, but my article is not.

But from now until July there is enough time to write about everything and to make you understand why I am so crazy about this.


I cant wait to meet all the models, designers, press, bloggers, all the team and everyone. Except Mitichi, cause I see him almost everyday at the office. And by office I mean the coffee place Schoko. Please appreciate I didn’t write I can`t wait to see all the six packs, perfect bodies, the parties, the food and the glam… I try to keep it professional. Until 15 of July hahah.


So you are all invited to follow our work on Instagram, Facebook, blog, Instastory and so on, and make a note on your calendar from 15 to 23 of July and come #feelfeeric , drinks are on me. Ok, they are on Jidvei, our main sponsor 🙂

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