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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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13 Feb

Ready. Set. Go

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A few more days left before I’m off to the fashion weeks. In order to look ravishing I teamed up again with ghd and you already know we’re a hell of a team together. This time I made sure to share with you the steps I take to get my beautiful and healthy hair. ghd took me to Salon Avangarde where Cristina Scrisu took real care of me. And my hair. If you are from Bucharest or if you’ll ever pass by make sure you pay her a visit and spoil yourself. Meanwhile let me share with you the tricks she used to make my hair flawless. Here we go:

1. First of all she washed my hair with System Professional, same product I always use and take with me no matter where I go. This was the first step before the color touch. 


2. The color touch moment. Cristina used Color Touch Natural Sandre and I gotta admit it was better than I expected. 

3. After 30 minutes the next step was System Professional treatment. Color infusion with hydrating mask. Kept the mask on my hair for 10 more minutes and I was starting to be more and more curious about the final result. 


4. Cutting the ends is something I consider a must. I do it once every two months at least and there is a big difference in how my hair looks after it. So healthy!

5. Finally, by drying the hair I got to take a look at that beautiful resulting color. It looks so natural, a bit darker than my natural tone but with my new tan I think it’s a very suitable combo.

6. Used the ghd styler for that extra touch with nice soft curls.


Here is the result! Let me know how you like my new look!



I love it so much and I can’t wait to “wear” it at the fashion weeks but before that I made a stop at Vorbește Lumea to talk about outfits. Daily outfits that can be transformed in night time outfits. It was so very nice to see Adela Popescu again.



I’m sure you remember her from Feeric Fashion Week when Lenor had her in their show. This time I was invited at her TV show where she and Cove asked me about clothes and outfits aaaand perfumes. And do you know what Alexander McQueen once said? That there is no better designer than nature.


Well, that couldn’t be more true and the Lenor Collection Inspired by nature is a confirmation of this. I had so much fun talking with them and most of all talking about something that I truly love. Outfits and perfumes. Inspired by nature! I even said to Adela that as I travel so much I look for summer wherever I can find it. That also means in the perfumes use. And as I always wash my clothes with Lenor I feel there is an endless summer. At least in my wardrobe. 


This being said I can’t wait for the Fashion Weeks to start. Be sure to spoil  your hair with System Professional & ghd and your senses with Lenor.

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