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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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7 Feb

See you soon, friends


It is that time of the year!! Fashion weeks are behind the corner and my excitement is just out of control.
I am beyond curious to see how the final outfits will be like. If we think of this like a puzzle, now I am waiting for the pieces to arrive so that me and my team can put them together. Packages from all over the world are now being shipped and I feel like it is Christmas again. Each morning there is a package waiting for me to open it. I’m curious if you guys will love the outfits. I’ll do my best to surprise you as I did before. Meanwhile you can have a look at the last season’s highlights and let me know what you think.
Besides this, another thing that excited me is seeing my friends in each of the 3 countries I will travel to.

And seeing the latest collections of the brands and be part of another exceptional fashion week season.
And do what I love the most: travel, fashion, meeting people & eating good food. Mmm pasta. Croissant. Pizza? Ok ok I stop. Back to… friends.
Making friends all over the world is so easy nowadays. With all this technology we can stay in touch as much as we like and only God knows how much I love Facetime. But there is no feeling like sharing a coffee in the same place. No matter if it’s on the rush between shows or after dinner when my eyes are closing. During fashion weeks I am happy if I get 5 hours of sleep per night but if it would be for me I would give them up just to experience more.

Considering that I lived in 2 of this countries, Italy and France, there is not even enough time to see al my friends there. And even thought I haven’t traveled to London except during fashion week, the people there are so friendly that it was hard not to make some great friendships. And as proof of their great energy come the picture below:

This being said I am looking forward for everything that is about to come and I will keep you posted with my adventures.
I will leave here some pictures with a selection of my favorites outfits from the previous season just to take your mind off the pizza that I know you still think of. Don’t worry, same here. I’ll distract you with great outfits.


image12 image10image9image8


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