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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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7 Noi

New life, you can start today


Took up a new home in Bucharest with the team and as you are reading this article I am probably unpacking a quarter of my life. I don’t know what is easier, to take all your stuff and move in a new home or do like me and take more homes and divide your stuff all over the globe. Can’t complain though, I love it but when it comes to small decisions I suck. For instance, if I have an amazing jacket, where is it best to leave it? Decided to leave summer stuff in my hometown but then… My next trip is in a summer location and then back to winter again. So I spent like 2 minutes per item and considering I have hundreds of items, you do the math.


And time was limited as last week I went to Bucharest for an amazing experience, my first interview for a TV program, Antena Stars. I mean omg how nervous I got!! It is so easy when I write my interview as I did for big magazines like Trend Prive or LA fashion magazine, but when it comes to talking I didn’t know I could get so nervous. But lucky as always, I was interviewed by my dear ex colleague from the journalism university, Alexandra Dragut and it felt like talking with a friend for a coffee. Except there were the cameras. Of course after the interview was over I forgot everything I said because of the emotions and second round of anxiety started while counting down the days to see the final recording in tv. What a feeling to see myself talking about my life and realizing my voice doesn’t sound as bad as I thought :))


At least I looked good! My styling was done by my fav army of masters. First thing in the morning I went to Geta Marin and besides the fact that she always makes me look beautiful and fresh, it’s always nice to start the day with a coffee and a chat with her, just like we do at Feeric. Then I went to Cristian Buca and you already know I shine bright as a diamond when he touches my face. And last but not least I put on my lucky dress from Bianca Popp that got me a place in Vogue Magazine. With all these „ingredients” it was basically impossible not to nail my first interview. You can watch it on my social media accounts and let me know if you agree.


Considering that after the interview I was still looking fab and it was just a pity to waste it all on a boring night at home, I decided a little party never killed nobody so I ran to the event hosted by Beau Monde to celebrate that successful day surrounded by great people with great energy. Gosh, I love Bucharest, why didn’t I move here before?

So stay tuned to see my next experiences and follow my adventures on Instagram and Facebook. Wish you an amazing week!


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