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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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9 Oct

Tell me where I`m going


I never watched Game of Thrones but all my friends are so excited about that story that they can’t wait for next season to arrive. Well, fashion weeks are my game of thrones. I guess it’s the same feeling. The experience was so intense and I will soon start counting the days until the next one.

I got to try a lot of things in my life but I can declare this one of the best experiences so far.


When I first got into this business there were many things I still didn’t know and had to learn day by day. And the journey from that point till where I stand now deserves more than just a couple of articles. That’s why my great team decided to make a short movie about each day and soon you can have a closer look at it. I gotta admit it was not that easy. But I never felt so rested after 4 h of sleep and so full after just one croissant. It’s crazy how fulfilled you can feel when you love what you do. And doing what you love.

After an intense month filled with fashion weeks one would give everything for a vacation.


Me on the other hand I would give up any vacation to experience again this phenomenon.

But somehow I am so lucky to have the team I have and they’ve already organized some trips to keep my brain busy till the next season. I just deleted so many sentences cause I’ve got an idea. Who guesses where I am going to have my next trip will get a present from me.

And I am doing this because when it comes to gifts I got so many during this time. And I don’t mean material things, but friends and great collaborations and wonderful times that made me such a happy person and I feel like sharing this with you guys. I wouldn’t have gotten so far without you and your support. So besides my smile, energy and friendship I am going to give away something that I hope will also make you smile.

Cause sharing a smile is a symbol of friendship, so start guessing!


The plan goes like this: leave me a message on Instagram until November 15th with the place you think I’m going to visit next and you can get one item from the outfits I had with me at the fashion weeks in the February-March season.

In case of multiple correct answers I will draw a random winner from all the users that guessed destination.


Once again, I thank all the people involved in this project, all the friends I made during this trips. London, Milan and Paris, you gave me more than I could dream of. I’m thankful to all the magazines that published my outfits, all the photographers that took my picture, all the shows I got invited to, all the designers that placed me among the top choices of the fashion editors, all collaborators that were with me during these trips. Last but most important, I thank all of you that follow me into this journey and also my great team that made it all possible.


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