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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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Two for 10.4.1


Soon I will finish all the shootings for 10.4.1 but before that I will tell you the story behind two of the shootings from this great project.

I started the week shooting with my dear Andreea Retinschi, a photographer who has been part of the #feericteam for many years and each time we shoot together she manages to create a fairytale as you can see in all her pictures. Each photographer from this project has his or her own style that you can recognize anywhere. Same in Andreea’s case, she leaves her mark in each picture and I am so thankful to have her in my exhibition.


Cherries were involved in the shoot and I was covered in them… skin and cherries… what a better combination can you think of on a spring day? I have to admit it was hard to have cherries all over myself without eating them. So I started to eat my outfit, literally. Picture this: I had cherries all over myself and each time she took a minute to look at the pictures I was eating some of them. So she had to cover me again for each picture. I mean I’m sorry but I waited one year to taste them and I just couldn’t help it. Thank god there were enough so there was no problem at all.


The only thing was that after this shooting my belly was definitely bigger than usual after all the cherries I had scheduled the shoot with Alex Galmeanu that had the idea to shoot me naked.

As you already know about me and you probably saw my latest naked editorial in GQ Italy, I’m used to shoot naked. This time though there event wasn’t any makeup. As if I had just woken up right in front of the camera.


I saw the results of this shooting and I must say I wouldn’t be able to choose just one so I’m actually very relieved that I don’t have to do that myself. I’m dying of curiosity to see which is the one Alex will choose as the most representative pic.

So as the shootings are coming to an end I am so thankful I had the pleasure to work with such great and talented people and to have them next to me in one of my favorite projects in my entire career.


But the story of the last 4 shootings will be waiting for you here, on the blog, so be sure you won’t miss a thing cause I’m certain there will be some surprises that you won’t see coming.

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