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Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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24 Apr

11. Eleven years.


In May I celebrate 11 years since I started modeling. So I will make this article about that.
I was 14 when my agency from back then told me we would go to Milan for 3 days, me with 2 other girls, one was my best friend which is like 1,80 and another girl that had won the 1st place in a beauty contest. We were supposed to go see a couple of agencies that would decide if we’re keepers or not. I was more than sure no one would choose me.


That’s why I packed just for 3 days. In that precise moment life chose to surprise me and I was the only one picked to stay for 3 months… I was like seriously?? Is this a joke? If I would say now I don’t wanna win the lottery would the opposite happen? I tried, but didn’t work.


So they left me there, and I used to be a drama queen and also a mommy’s girl. How on earth was I going to take care of myself? I had no idea how to use a washing machine or to cook something else than potatoes. And I was sure no human being can live with on potatoes for 3 months. That made me an expert in omelette.

And there was no FaceTime and no Google maps and I saw technology so far away as I see teleportation now.
I was sharing the apartment with 6 girls all from different countries and my English was just a little bit better than my German nowadays: was ist das and how to count.


I felt like in a jungle but at least I had a map. I come from a small town so I had no idea how to use the metro. Did I say jungle?
So Landiana, go buy a metro card, sim card, food and what you need to survive there. Bullshit. I went shopping! Somehow that was in my blood since a little girl. Felt better after.

I was about to discover that my spirit of orientation sucked big time when they gave me a list of castings where I was supposed to go on my own and I always took the wrong metro or wrong street; and even if sometimes I got the street right I almost always ended up having to walk past like 300 house numbers cause I didn’t know when to get off the bus.

I also discovered my patience is not rock solid when at castings I had to wait after 200 other models.
I learned so many things about myself, and sadly my patience and spirit of orientation got worst in time. At least now there is technology and thanks God for that.


I made friends there with whom I stayed in touch after so many years and I was going back to Milan on a regular basis until I actually moved there and it became my home. So thank you Milan for all the memories, for the lifetime friendships you offered me, for making me an omelette maestro and for saving my mom’s time with educating a teenage girl.





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