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Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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29 Ian

„Consume less, Pollute less” starting point


It is not the first time I talk about my 10 euro sequins skirt. And definitely not the last. At the end of the day, it’s the thing that started my „Consume less, pollute less” movement, which was also the theme of my previous Yolo Party.

I was not always into sustainability, as a matter of fact I knew so little about it at its beginnings. But as my concerning started to grow  day by day and I became more aware of it, so started my disappointment regarding my daily actions to grow.

I wanted to make a change but would my actions have been enough? Was the question popping in my mind repeatedly.

It took me a while  to understand that is O.K. not to be perfectly zero waste, or that it is O.K. being a vegetarian and not a vegan, or that even if I do fight for a sustainable industry, I still own fast fashion items. In the end I realized that small conscious changes are better than none at all.


Even if after understanding more about sustainability, I gave up almost entirely buying from fast fashion companies, focused more or second hand, local designers or emergent talents, mostly #feericdesigners, I felt ashamed wearing items that were made against my new beliefs. And so I wanted to get rid of them, but that would have been the easy way, wouldn’t it? Also, the most sustainable clothes are the ones you already own.

Every single time I was looking in my wardrobe, even if I was always moving my clothes on the hangers, there it was, my 10 euro pink skirt, blinding me each time with its sequins, refusing to leave the throne for „most shining thing around” to any other item.

And images of me wearing it started pop into my mind like „oh, I had it that time at the casino in Argentina”, or „oh can’t believe I wore a sequin skirt with snickers” and then I was like „oh wait, I also wore it with that, and with that” started to look into my pictures and realized I actually wore it on so many occasions and in such different combinations.

And with that my regret of owning fast fashion items started to decrease. As I was scrolling into my pictures I realized I actually did so with most of my clothes. I just kept on giving them life from the most basic shirt to statement pieces.

And so I kept doing it on an even larger level. Fashion weeks level. I used some of the most statement pieces I wore in the previous editions and recreated them in outfits that didn’t cease to get the attention of the editors of the most important fashion magazines worldwide. You can see more about it here.

Exactly that was the entire concept of the Yolo party where we exhibit the pictures of the previously mentioned outfits.

And because I wanted each detail to reflect the „Consume less, pollute less” idea, my dress for the party couldn’t have not been a part of the journey. Said and done. A week before the event I called Aida Lorena and decided together to recreate the dress I wore at the London Fashion Awards few months earlier.

So here you have it, same dress… but not so the same.

83039709_208149793684490_2076123749924470784_n 84063515_200846681044299_3509331002042351616_n


This is a small step I have done, proving that if you set your imagination free you can create a countless number of outfits with the same item. In the end, if each on of us is doing one small step, we will be closer to a better and more sustainable future.


For the love  of the skirt that started all this, here are some of the outfits that had it as „special guest”


49938875_602498620171662_3164236757835186176_n-768x949 50003281_372500870233905_5342486622376034304_n

50272766_2391418067554739_3927176550520193024_n-768x940 50280343_2272303463050843_3636150262327934976_n-768x949

50311019_579561035805637_3271438084981391360_n-768x952 84924910_570609756853965_3903902169987809280_n

50608271_846891132369747_7332015666880315392_n-768x939 52578955_398342490992371_5023553045443641344_n-768x970

83949020_540257176581559_3928478320747872256_n 84613471_2566564073666678_6616773238364045312_n




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