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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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21 Mar

Enter paradise. Checked.


My time in Argentina has no term of comparison. The feelings that this place gave me were that of completeness and fulfillment with a pinch of joy and happiness.


Last week me and my team were invited to a closed doors Peruvian restaurant where the hosts, Charo and Luis, made us feel so special. I felt so pampered by their attention to details… Even if the smell of the Peruvian food was all over the room they took care of me preparing such a tasty vegetarian plate that I still think of and starve after it. The surprise of the night was a singer, Fernando Villalba and his second voice Maria, that made us feel like being in the front row of a big concert.


They sang latin music which gave me the goosebumps and the best moment was when he started to sing for me „Amor Gitano” one of my favorite songs of all times. In that moment I took the microphone and sang with him. Can’t tell if it was something nice to hear for the people in the room but part of my team preferred being on the balcony instead of inside. Guess that was a signal for me. Anyway I had a great time and as long as no one stopped me I guess I did pretty well.

It was a night to remember and I am thankful for those moments.


We spent the following day in Caminito, La Boca, a fairytale place where people were dancing tango in the middle of the street next to restaurant with tourists and merchants that were selling souvenirs all over the place. I felt so relaxed and it was the perfect walk before my last shows in Argentina Fashion Week. Got to walk for Claire Couture and Maria Gorof such talented designers and lovely women with whom it was a pleasure to work.

The best way to end this season and I hope to be back in such a great team.


We spent our Saturday walking in „parque de la memoria” a sad place to be honest as the name suggest but which made me feel happy for the present and for all that life is offering me.

After a much needed quick nap we went at a great party at Four Seasons where we got to have some fun. Not some. A lot. Surrounded by my friends in such an exquisite place is one of those summer nights in which champagne cannot miss. So I made sure I didn’t waste it.


I could write a book of all my experiences here cause the articles can’t express all that I am living here but feel free to watch my Insta stories for more „behind the scenes”.

Saturday we chose again San Telmo for a walk, unfortunately the fair was closed but that didn’t mean we didn’t spend a wonderful time walking again on those streets and having coffee in memorable places. After all I have the best team so I can have a great time even in the middle of nowhere.


We charged our batteries for what was about to come. Another great Sunday spend on Argentinian territory, the land of Andrea Garmendia, 2 hours far from the capital, a farm hidden in the nature where the only sound you could hear was that of horses and cows and all the animals of this piece of heaven. First thing to do here was ride the horses… and that was something I never wanted to stop doing. I rode for like 2 hours, exploring the land on a horse. What a better way to end a Sunday?


Oh yes there it is. Home made pasta prepared by Julia, who welcomed us with so much food that I’m considering changing clothes size.

So I am going to leave the phone and enjoy my time with these amazing people and gonna get back with more stories that make me smile. I can’t wait to see what else this land has to offer me so I’m ready to wake up tomorrow and explore it. Andrea treats us like kings and princesses here so for sure a beautiful day is waiting for me. That’s it for now, good night from paradise ❤





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