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4 Dec

Fashion Around Europe, Literally – Episode 7


Made it in Valencia and as I’m writing these sentences I realize how much I loved it. I remember each detail of the city, even the smile of the people that were doing yoga in the park. It was a surreal feeling and it was coming from the city itself. I felt so connected to it and I wish to be back soon and get lost on the streets, meet the locals and explore its beauty.

79800516_586773552078765_3935276751466266624_n 79726554_3253140348090308_7946133386765008896_n 79322301_812253612543649_2688071416108023808_n 79266298_452589308787746_6123696441434046464_n

79131244_570773236825274_8911728316503818240_n 79037217_573619430082267_4031916732556771328_n 78671023_538635190067693_5789392593888477184_n 79780835_566237940879487_5263918411968151552_n

Spent our night at Caro Hotel which was a unique and memorable place as it is a historical monument-hotel. It offered us a glimpse of some original features from the Palace of the Marquis of Caro. Inspiring contemporary interior design combined with comfortable rooms and the kindest staff I’ve ever seen… it was just the ideal balance that made us feel at home in a blink of an eye.

74705009_3146100492197478_7190102684630777856_n 78594760_1066331837046966_430029146630914048_n 78711386_673035783227328_4200492927614451712_n

79250947_511875392748678_3081713896159969280_n 79853895_2540887422633836_5056325372488974336_n 79083010_588758898611539_6554634733857275904_n

After of SUCH a good night sleep we were fully energized and off to meet Visori, a #feericdesigner that showcased at Feeric Fashion Week few years ago and we couldn’t pass through Valencia without checking out his latest work.

78953501_3080384735324900_6766871491976888320_n 78671027_590158175052850_7409773704722251776_n 76932486_807790953010230_1323142607714385920_n

78708817_595183281227688_6341425646681456640_n 78839967_2190562764579739_6866649646756790272_n 79154859_2389178411343685_773954468243832832_n

Sad to leave Valencia but happy to be headed to Barcelona! God knows why I hadn’t visited it before but I sure know I was really looking forward to it.


Felt like home the moment we entered Sir Victor Hotel and I confess it was terribly hard to leave that place.


What I loved about this trip besides the places we visited, are the people we encountered along the route. And we have been blessed to meet locals of such kindness that made our stay ever more beautiful than we could have dreamt of.

79942689_2311069555820238_780280770387247104_n 79824176_1197546690435841_7603208139697029120_n

79177367_469979433501199_8929465251536044032_n 79036425_749623328889648_1827344847409774592_n

78922526_1045468252457506_178725924332634112_n 78860504_743014432867773_6646452931258220544_n

78827369_551789795398472_636533549339508736_n 78825734_978014492601155_890678888936505344_n

Sir Victor is one of the places that just had it all. Friendly staff, comfortable rooms, cozy lobby, rooftop pool… next to the bar… with a view over the city… not to mention the spa… the breakfast… ohh the library… and I should stop now or… shouldn’t I? Talking about the library you should know it was made by women and there are books written by woman or about women. Love the women empowerment and I congratulate Clementine for her hard work of putting everything together.

Even more impressive than this is the fact that the name of the hotel, Sir Victor, is inspired by a woman, Caterina Albert Paradis, a Catalan writer who participated in the Modernist movement. She used to sign her books under the name of a man, Victor Catala, taking it from the protagonist of a novel she never finished. She chose to do so after a small scandal that erupted when the jury of Jocs Florals d’Olot learned the author of the winning literary creation- a rather poignant work of theater, was actually a young girl from l’Escala.


Even if we wanted to spend all the time in the hotel we also had to discover the beauty of the city so we were off to the streets.

80230901_2538859829771316_442036457851322368_n 79491188_731982237313951_8422745138802982912_n 79240078_1607611362714590_8995752664385978368_n 79122684_1409854035844623_7008630090057646080_n 78930010_1474787479344629_7889267753477996544_n

Perfect way to end the day: enjoying some drinks at Boca Chica bar, located in the same builduing as Boca Grande restaurant, while admiring some originals of Dali, Miro and Andy Warhol… hanging on the walls. Yep, you got that right.

79094376_2534514730163411_7365492862483431424_n 79124768_2893575757361111_2770375363300163584_n 79281676_1192408254288451_6982222878775181312_n 79811083_292998878248758_4196255950966882304_n 79914996_2538000023150038_9097148776295956480_n


Long time no food you must think. Worry not, we were on the way to Roig Robi to enjoy a perfect lunch and to #feelfeeric while eating. Great combination of tastes and colors.

78055101_2599882773431797_142925761307738112_n 78769813_843403409425886_8359293009958797312_n 78862658_594893614617806_6206715419076591616_n 79201626_795365964268229_4586975306341941248_n 79721111_667749207093014_3207796715583176704_n


Perfect time to explore the city further and… fell more in love with it.

76609921_3162735327087020_2842151851728568320_n 78800097_446657192666174_9028343095271358464_n 78924155_620466855409573_6039896793355911168_n 79988467_956952988009425_2297172732963454976_n 79871972_2187898114846318_250424837061738496_n


Long walks make us hungry. Right in time for dinner! A dinner we were really going to DISFRUTAR. 2 star Michelin restaurant, an unforgettable experience offered to us by Chef Eduard Atruch.

79238860_741044942967817_970668918202957824_n WhatsApp Image 2019-11-27 at 10.05.06 PM

The restaurant is listed on the 9th place among the 50 best restaurants in the world and it is something you should experience if you ever find yourself in Barcelona. I mentioned above that people made this journey more beautiful. Well, I would like to add to the list the entire staff of Disfrutar. Rarely I was given to feel so, very, really welcome in a place. Felt like I was part of a play as everyone involved had a coreography for the serving of each dish. And there were 21 dishes.

No need to add words to the following pictures and to try to describe the tastes, I won’t succeed to make you understand what I felt. I just want to kindly ask you to believe me and go try for yourself. Thank me later.

79020338_1052967761712600_4745060618577379328_n 78947094_2727122867343799_549219089004888064_n 79024435_818991028537085_4456439975927349248_n

79195444_452276002141605_4945484807883718656_n 79409957_584564888970819_1529124931378348032_n 80094993_970793576610260_2688500951492329472_n

78832605_514972915786424_1270911050866229248_n 78408504_817832798660112_6256347193565773824_n 78878308_2494921157443323_2319379998806376448_n

After the spectacle, because a spectacle is was, the chef himself took us in the room where all the experiments, plating design and magic takes place.

This is an unforgettable experience and I wish that you lovely people reading my post can try it at least once in a lifetime.



Back to reality, and to fashion. Time to meet Ied Barcelona that welcomed us with open arms and offered us a great time discovering the work of their students. Lovely talk as expected. Ied is part of #feericfamily for some years now from the Italian side so it was about time we met the Spanish one.

78634267_2407969952786600_3763483737573031936_n 78646887_706541973203920_6506189478443352064_n 78671731_521953415060581_2092687703618355200_n 78751199_1785688684900771_4800214625792557056_n

79171654_774275613046083_3070624273421828096_n 79240064_493048561318078_3274123491808378880_n 79535717_461672068065476_6748018020066525184_n 79990973_2514508722170773_6627781952508264448_n


You must think I am by now fat (which might be true, lately) as I’m starting yet another sentence about food but I have to introduce you to Xavier Pellicer restaurant, Best Vegetables Restaurant, Number one of the world… Indeed!

76263808_750683182109070_156086477405552640_n 78276702_1236358486553967_2581928703911002112_n 78602335_1466531956838073_6765241478873612288_n 78626859_520410021879198_5156511544867028992_n

78636708_437678350260031_8036716604974694400_n 78670737_1427202677438344_7353445994614226944_n 78805089_692979451231114_9221030493699440640_n 79435194_432729910730189_8745074810800832512_n

Pity we didn’t get to meet Mr. Xavier himself but it was lovely to meet his daughter who took such good care of us. Just like she takes care of the entire restaurant, being the soul of it. She was delightful while explaining  each dish that was based on 70 % vegetables and 30 % protein. As a vegetarian I was happy to try out each delicatesse but also to share it with Mitichi and Julie because the concept of the restaurant is sharing each dish on the table.


With this our time in Spain ends and we are off to… The French Riviera.

Short stop on our way there to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of flamingos…


And the beauty of Nimes.

78598268_468679713784180_4545152418052046848_n 78787703_737588640060082_1664558126533181440_n 78829277_3155904721216896_6971729805519618048_n

78878582_434168087278062_1398840134996066304_n 79422907_1094687954316901_365647651288383488_n 80446574_602457660563486_1102480257631387648_n


And now… a well awaited moment! Madames et Monsieurs… Camargue!

15b878da-3b7f-4e2a-bb52-dae691cc2189 79185452_2522509564636273_3114750020096622592_n f56d81c6-b50f-4473-949f-76500531c208 79385599_452745005440519_2040448488843509760_n


Next on our route, another much awaited moment: Cote d’Azur!

79802315_2496823790444463_8717360872898428928_n 79668781_434749684144429_219949991102251008_n 79236286_1426688294160816_7831396707001696256_n 79021505_463248554328257_7703914101902147584_n

78945789_579882259245102_3379783157623554048_n 78844532_711119826043535_5105635750280429568_n 78239604_2505354536411016_4776778462432067584_n 78562469_449521332432556_725337787800223744_n


Had the pleasure to meet Monsieur Christophe Dufau that welcomed us at his home, literally. Les Bacchanales –  a Michelin star restaurant, with the cutest company you could ever dream of.

78591240_481879076019598_7266544134607863808_n 78774841_2413686992293599_1766203565589659648_n 79005073_2710412772335207_4029711404289228800_n

79442880_502214483836900_2271463913428090880_n 79820237_363458297824206_6067125442903539712_n  331060bc-6b60-4d15-8209-f2c2dac7241f

78493314_2681736488569919_3591860993363279872_n 79735007_568497950607080_2488412611448668160_n 80515484_656053848133040_791460248136187904_n


One thing that made me feel more in love with the French Riviera, were the sunsets…

Carlos Paez Vilaro, a great artist, used to say he is a „millionaire in sunsets” and I am so living by his words!

79817659_435764277304332_7494972030375165952_n 79279607_712840735791291_7965689927641858048_n 79092901_3612219492136653_505079662859255808_n

79084793_533999533817655_5437170653885104128_n 78691093_563342754454135_6164460079119597568_n 78133601_604537400315165_2445013182398332928_n

Our last stop on the French Riviera was Monte Carlo where we got the chance to know the fashion industry around these parts. With this purpose in mind we met Inessa who spreads so much joy while talking about her brand, Inessa Creations. She has so much passion for her work that you could see her eyes sparkling. And imagine she is just 21. I wish her a long career and to never loose that spark <3

78827063_2633379033565822_3215484814417199104_n 79189976_550597608826576_210854650528661504_n 79199677_2596397507148594_8446668252670590976_n


Took some time to enjoy the city also:

80030134_463956894530263_8024440888363057152_n 79200275_496168677923851_8898412706705440768_n 79387896_488327001809336_7615478835491897344_n

79148586_2677430105685122_8209106159760572416_n 78580913_425704821433915_2525014726472105984_n 80283840_536233910557635_2212161294222491648_n


Wish our stay here hadn’t come to an end but there is something waiting for me in Italy… espresso. Haha Joking!! By something I mean more memories to create!

See you next week in Italy!




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