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10 Dec

Fashion Around Europe, Literally – Episode 8


My beloved Italy!

Long time without hearing a „Ciao, Bella!” Italy is a country that brings me so much joy, and even if one day I will end up by seeing all countries, it will still have a place in my heart.

On the way to Genova we stopped in Sanremo for a really short walk and one picture only.


Genova has its charm (like any city in Italy), or maybe it’s just me being so in love with everything that has to do with Italy.

79782668_565063697374026_3096570372720427008_n 78701546_941001249633459_6663868778830364672_n

Had the pleasure to meet Larra Sttutgard that offered us a glimpse of the industry in those parts. She creates everything on her own and she does it so well! No wonder she’s born in a family of artists.

79159923_2406707369646618_5152481181916200960_n 80055540_950012898717672_163746981074698240_n 79861388_556958654864653_957911701397700608_n

Another spontanous and quick stop was Portofino! A place of such beauty and I must add, driving through the continental coast of Europe is just priceless!!

78645246_1157757831087249_6507231613603020800_n 79161136_447035692658173_3404554463107612672_n

Just loving the spontaneity of this trip and how it changed completly from the initial plan. We were supposed to be home long time ago and to see less places than we actually did. But we took advantage of every single place we had on our route and we stayed longer that planned where we felt the need to do so, in order to explore more.

And so we came accross Vicenza where part of #feericteam, Myra Postolache, lives. We enjoyed a coffee together and also talked for hours about future plans regarding Feeric.

78947822_2816545228404368_3894964166951174144_n 79358953_431294214212790_8797086718726504448_n 78653158_738635446655867_7311678962374017024_n 79260973_1155689778156109_2113635758064533504_n

We could have stayed for days on end with Myra in Vicenza, because we have that many things to share and discuss. Nevertheless we had to be at the airport in Venice to pick up someone that might surprise you.

Remember when I told you this journey is more about the people we meet along the way?

Well if you remember this I do hope you also remember our stay in Berlin at Gaijin hotel. There we had the great pleasure to meet Mary, who made us feel so welcome. The time spent with her there was short, but lovely! And because of that she decided to join us in Venice! Oh I love it when spontaneous people meet… spontaneous people.

79981981_603372730407352_995025200997203968_n 79309159_771549660028737_8230367214243414016_n 78850668_2450668645206900_1965830888138735616_n

Spent 3 wonderful days, laughed so much, walked those streets together and as intended, created memories that will last.

80431250_583765629057906_4598555929741361152_n 79644580_1772139882919914_2886975032372756480_n 79149646_451552935775963_1051309330072076288_n

78756422_2479015375703988_2863276674143748096_n 78614595_561694814609137_5248379761457102848_n 78547926_443791076284464_6728804844645122048_n

One last stop for our documentary in Italy was right in the heart of Venice, at one of the most interesting places we have encountered on our route. I reffer to Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua the velvet heaven.

It is a living museum, literally! And we are so honored to be given the chance to interview Mr. Bevilacqua for our documentary.

You may want to read all the history of the company here  if you want to be as mesmerized as we were. The company runs from 1499 and it was kept in the family ever since. I, myself, was like a pupil learning the greatest lessons. And besides finding out the company creates velvet for countless big fashion brands such as Valentino, Prada, Miu Miu, and worldwide castles or even for the White House, what really surprised me was when we asked Mr. Bevilacqua how many meters of velvet are created each day. The answer came in… centimetres. The art of the savoir faire, preserved so well, and shared with the world by people, was the greatest pleasure to meet.

74802503_730207544130453_2706974018149285888_n 79268149_1042041772808887_6058653323559436288_n 79228114_2174111492893498_2454715019598757888_n

79545323_534923620429685_6438529763412803584_n 78471262_1182195455312775_2141096271421636608_n 79299672_416642429214693_9137001374108614656_n

Having to say goodbye to Venice, here comes our last stop for the Fashion Literally tour. This was in Ljubljana where we stopped to interview Julia Kaja Hrovat and to find our from her about the industry in that part of Europe, the consumers and how she gets inspired by folclor. It seems the source of all the stories that inspire her are the elders in the surrounding mountains.

79206003_606355646840069_5650205816360271872_n 79413910_582305549007689_7594720232053145600_n

Ok, we decided we couldn’t leave that fast so we were off for a really short walk in the city as the weather was also by our side. Looking good Ljubljana. It is the 2nd time I am there and don’t have the chance to discover it entirely but yet again, more reasons to come back and spend time properly.

79392816_480156125951839_939736606686838784_n 78599785_510157529635169_4656938309254119424_n


Fashion Around Europe, Literally tour has officially come to an end and this is how it looks in numbers:

60 days, 12.500 km, 13 countries, 86 places, an infinite number of feelings, emotions, memories, so many interesting people, stories, that will all come together in our upcoming documentary and book.

I wish time to fly so that we can share with you the result of this majestic journey that coundln’t have been possible without the greatest team out there: the 2 people that taught me so much in these days, Mitichi and Julie, and with whom I can’t wait to start planning future trips.

Thanks to OMV for being on our side each step of this journey, literally, to all the people involved but mostly, to all of you reading and following our story.



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