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Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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16 Oct

Fashion Around Europe, Literally – Episode 1


Fashion around Europe, literally” tour has been going on for a week already and I am here to keep you up to date with the journey.

It all started with the idea of discovering particularities, habits, techniques, fabrics and patterns that can serve to professionals in the fashion industry and to all people willing to travel and discover a different Europe.

It’s also about the people we meet and how we manage to make them #feelfeeric in such short time.

I am writing now from the 3rd city, Prague, and just the idea of having around more than 30 other cities to visit, raises so many different feelings in me.

Conclusions so far?

  1. There is no one on this planet I would rather do this with. Mitichi and Julie, thank you for being part of one of the most exciting things I have ever done.

72328703_390922028514742_7196050308097638400_n  71935884_768319493616484_3288111551751389184_n

2. I am so bad at packing! Can’t wait to see if these 2 months will change me. Sorry Julie for always having to repack after me hahah

3. I am giving up on any diet I ever thought I could keep while on the tour. Goodbye sixpacks. Hope to see you again upon my return at home.

4. Loving the idea of traveling by car! And here I would like to thank OMV not only for the support they are offering us, but seriously now, in the name of all vegetarians traveling I thank you for all the options we have at your stations!

72464101_2449673121942742_4876890044113092608_n 73050189_528433354625287_7510137048796233728_n

72640178_525232601611164_6684564040091435008_n WhatsApp Image 2019-10-16 at 7.03.19 PM

Will continue the list… I have another 2 months to do so.


Budapest was our first stop and we couldn’t have had a better start.


We had such a warm welcome at Hotel Collect and besides the cozyness level and kindness of the staff, it was exactly what we needed in order to relax after the fashion weeks season followed by the organization of the on-going trip.

Happy it is so close to Romania, it’s a good excuse to come back for a city break when time allows.


72132231_939318656446481_2435685260755730432_n 72462684_1757463661767819_6517200632128995328_n 72831310_443392189856095_917272201151905792_n


We had some lovely meetings with Mod’Art Budapest where we were lucky to see the students working on their projects and so we found out interesting details about the Hungarian fashion industry.

73475063_254371298801076_9090863950651719680_n 72974803_2275315599425757_3196290850384510976_n

Then we went to discover the stories of Viktoria Varga and Romani Design. Spent an amazing time, met such great people with aso much energy & unbounded talent.

72486494_413681612626579_6877530924926369792_n 72535816_787569821673649_5787661614694006784_n 72589232_1420790964735716_3188305642892820480_n

Romani Design                                         Viktoria Varga                                          Romani Design


Next on route was Bratislava and even if it was the first time for all 3 of us, we were impressed by its vibe. Arrived late in the night and even if the apartment we had at Roset Boutique Hotel was hard to leave, we wanted to first discover the beauty of the city before a good night sleep. And so we did! As its location was right in the center, we had to! As a traveller it’s hard to find a place that makes you feel like home, but I guess the pictures below are a proof of the fact that it’s possible.

72431287_501443757086660_7955299156212318208_n 72457416_441684236704118_978982639153184768_n

Enough to recharge our batteries for the next days when we met Atelier Luz and Boris Hanecka, then payed a visit to the Virvar curated showroom and Drobne Store. Sounds busy no?

72482283_2402240623428649_5502106685340123136_n 72285023_517645659029014_671088360827125760_n 72411197_409765653295129_5512845490854559744_n

Atelier  Luz                                              Virvar curated showroom                Drobne Store


Worry not, Globo Restaurant was there to make sure we are on the right track with energy, smiles, great experiences, good vibes, offering us an exquisite tasting menu with wine pairing that will be hard to forget.

Also, I wish each restaurant would have such a staff. We just didn’t want the dinner to end and the only great thing about the end of it was meeting the Chef in person. I can’t put into words how he managed to combine different flavors and creating a unique taste. Each course was like poetry in a dish.

Thank you Branislav Križan and Baranek Dominik

73068414_757703248024767_8568873756007596032_n 72567935_2310049282437779_110822457023135744_n 72419396_548748982544940_8127260442629242880_n 74316663_639722306556835_4262554693940543488_n


All experiences were close to make us stay longer in Bratislava and enough to make us wanna come back.


But then… Prague was waiting for us.

72315514_832927810455049_6388261805482835968_n 72356610_975153876171374_889420411979169792_n


What a better way to start our visit than… a dinner with a view. Spent some great time together with my #feericteam at Hergetova Cihelna. The spectacular view was accompanied by flavors of nature and what better mix for time well spent?

7e747848-e5af-40e8-b735-8736b32af9b6 73106563_424398165153233_1333477918231232512_n


The very next day we met Naut brand and had a lovely chat with its founders and then off to 100 Class concept store, one of the very first in Prague. It’s interesting to find out so many opinions in each city and I can’t wait for you to see the final version of our documentary.

72787186_2428234557389748_641952973433339904_n 72859694_674435653081314_8005847313513709568_n 8aaf607f-e218-401a-ad61-cab546f944f0

100 Class                                    Naut                                            Naut


Then we were off to a place I was really looking forward to come back to. If you remember, I discovered La Veranda during my first visit in Prague, few months ago. Was totally impressed by it so I had to go back with my team to enjoy together food…as art. As you can see in the middle picture we had lots of fun, we were the last ones to leave, and wouldn’t have left at all if they would have remained open. Oh and with this ocasion we got to try their new menu and you should do the same if you find youselves in Prague!

72742540_2232530730185323_7196443971915087872_n (1) 72830701_456371015226834_3562648601500844032_n 72923394_544113979673129_4239008463453159424_n


Night walks became a ritual and we didn’t miss one so far.



Casa de Carli was one of the restaurants I came across during my first time here and just found time now to pay it a visit. What a great choice we made! Fine dining in good company!

Chef Matteo De Carli really knew how to surprise us with each course that made us feel like we were in Italy.

Of course, the wine pairing by Jakub Srenk contributed to the Italian feeling of the evening.

72998655_506213386596725_3798940870149931008_n 73014928_963197720681558_5752725169592336384_n

72968883_3377297465644256_1719028426494443520_n 5095ca95-c401-40c0-aefa-6ea442e1df6e

Chef Matteo De Carli #feericteam  Jakub Srenk



There’s nothing I wish more than to continue this adventure the way we started it.


Meanwhile, follow our journey on Instagram and meet me here in a week with updates <3

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