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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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17 Mar

Fashion tango in Argentina


Previously on the land behind the glam. After the amazing show of Sarah Jessy Jones on Isla el Descanso, me and my team spent a wonderful weekend at the summer house of my friends, a quiet place, in nature, with houses built as I saw just in movies, each house with a garden and a swimming pool, children running around and birds singing… a dreamy situation. We took a mini car and went to the golf club, and after the guys made fun of me that I don’t know how to use a golf club and 10 mosquito bites later we finally took the pictures we had planned to do. After the fun escape on the golf course we went back to the city where me and my team had a wonderful walk in San Telmo. Luckily there was also a fair and the streets were full of merchants each of them selling home made traditional Argentinian stuff. Kilometers of creativity and enchanting sellers made that day worth walking until I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. Our friend Cosmin bought a hat and first thing I thought about when I saw it was, of course, Instagram! Go an check-out all the pictures on Instagram and you’ll understand why I really had to steal his hat for a moment.


The hours spent at the market on those beautiful streets made me feel I went back in time and arrived to a place where each house had a story and a design taken out of a painting. From the bustling streets I often ventured into beautiful and hidden courtyards but the merchants were always tempting me to spend a lifetime looking and trying their products. The smell of coffee coming out of some other small shops made me feel like I discovered my own Wonderland even if my name is not Alice. I was astonished of how much creativity there can be when it comes to people and next time I won’t take so many clothes with me so that I have more space to buy, buy, buy from this beautiful country.


The day wasn’t over yet so we went to see a show that held at the Hippodrome of Argentina. Before the show I finally got to see horse races. And that is something to watch! I had goosebumps all over my body and be sure it was not because of the weather. It was a cozy Sunday evening, I was wearing a Sarah Jessy Jones blue dress that was matching perfectly with the horses that were racing. People were mezmerized by them so you could see everyone coming closer to the fence trying to take a better look at the beautiful and majestic creatures.


Weekend was over, and I was excited for Monday when I had the pleasure to walk for some really talented designers.

First show „Emprendedores de nuestra tierra” kept the tradition of Argentina alive and Veronica de la Canal surprised everyone with a fairytale collection in a baroque style.

Second day I was honored to walk for Carmen Steffans one of the biggest brands here in Argentina, a lovely team with a great energy that you could feel from the backstage to the audience.


After the show Eduardo and Diego took me to a place which I consider it to be one of the best places ever.

It is called The Cathedral, where you can breath tango. A big old building, where they were serving only vegetarian food (heaven for me, hell for my team) and in the center the teacher was explaining to some couples the art of tango. I was also curious to try and as a surprise for me and probably for my partner, Santiago, I let myself carried away by the music and I stepped on his feet only like 2 or 3 times. To be honest I expected worst. But after all my sister is a national champion at this kind of dances so maybe there is something in my blood also. Anyway, Santiago is a very good teacher.


Each experience here leaves me breathless and surprises me completely.

I wish I could just stop time and never have to leave this place…


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