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Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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3 Apr

#feericdesigners. Best friends forever


I am going crazy. Literally. Nuts. I got used to the full schedule from the last period and now I am home and my team needs a vacation from me and the rest of my friends are at work or with babies or out of the city and I am going nuts.


I just watched the last season of Vampire Diaries and I cleaned all my house and all my clothes, the dressing is all shiny, I played with Daisy, I washed my car, I even cooked, I read, I did exercises… and now… what??? I am not made to live alone, not for so long. This days were enough.


I miss the long walks, running from a show to another, be stuck in the rain, eating on a hurry or not at all, drinking espresso cause there was no time for cappuccino, changing outfits in tiny places. Owww this reminds me… outfits… I had the most awesome outfits I could have for the fashion weeks.

You saw lately in my posts the magazines where I appeared. Well the credit goes to #feericdesigners and to Mitichi, who had the skill to put them together like puzzle pieces and create the best outfits. He is a creative after all.


I still think of my reactions when he told me what with what to try on. I was like really…? These don’t go together… but this comes from a girl that was wearing just black before. And when I saw the pics in Vogue, the tone of that „really” changed completely.


Bianca Popp, Irina Dutu Zgaia, Alina Moza, Spoff, Adriana Goilav, La Mode Toujours, Lavinia Ilies, Stefania Borodi, Caresta Bags, thank you! We make such a great team together but that I already knew from Feeric.


Each of their pieces have a story for me and each took me to a big magazine. It’s funny how I feel close to these designers by wearing their pieces, for example each time I wear something from Irina I manage to ruin all her long white pants, or when I wear Alina I feel like in a fairytale and I walk like a princess on the streets.


Bianca’s clothes are always with me, there is always a piece of her traveling with me and half of my wardrobe is signed by her. I look at the clothes and I start to smile when I remember in which I was cold or hot or hungry and I love how each offered me a story and were part of my journeys. A few more months to go and I will see their new collections from which I will probably take the pieces that I will show off next season during the fashion weeks.


Keep up the good work my dears and see you soon for a new chapter!

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