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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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13 Mar

Fun in the snow

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You know what comes after the fashion weeks? Going home to your mum that has an Instagram profile, can see your Insta stories and imagines you never had time to eat but then here you are… sitting in front of your next +5 kg right after you considered starting a diet…. but that’s ok… cause dad discovered Youtube and he likes making desserts… lots of them. And when I say lots I mean it could be enough for 20 people.
All this coming from a person that loves home delivery and burns eggs at each attempt. I should appreciate all this. But for that to happen mirrors should be banned.



I always let you knew how life „before” fashion weeks was. So this time I thought I should share with you the „after” part. Which is so nice! Except the unpacking part! Which one is worse for you? Packing or unpacking?
I am on a continuously race to pack-unpack and I will never decide which is the worst. I guess I like packing a bit more cause I know it will take me somewhere. This time it took me to my hometown where I spent a few days relaxing. Plus I ended up doing something I had only done once before when I was really young. I mean baby young because you could still say I’m young now haha. I was invited to be part of a jury in a skiing competition.


Of course I don’t mean I was a skiing judge as a kid but I refer to actually being on a snow track. You know me, you know I hate snow, you know I am not a winter person, you know that 25 degrees is acceptable for me but I’m the happiest at 28… buuuut you also know I can surprise you anytime! This being said, why haven’t I tried this before? I absolutely loved it! That much that I made plans for next winter to take ski lessons. “Slide & freeze” competition left me speechless. Loved to see the guys sliding and I actually wasn’t close to freezing myslef.

I laughed so much that the place in the middle of the mountains became as hot as Punta del Este. If you are a winter person and you love skiing, take my word for it and go to Arena Platos! You’ll love it! And if you make plans to go next winter let me know, I might be there. Thanks Brylu & Arena Platos! You just made love winter a bit more.

I recharged my batteries and I am now headed to Bucharest where meetings are waiting for me in preparation for  Feeric 2018. So looking forward to it and will keep you guys posted!



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