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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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9 Mar

Made it to Argentina


If someone would have told me a few months ago that I would make it to Argentina I would have started laughing. Well, here I am, in Buenos Aires writing this article after a 5 hours walk to get to a super cozy restaurant with all my friends from Feeric Fashion Week.


I still can’t believe it and can’t stop smiling. The atmosphere is indescribable and I can’t thank enough Eduardo and Diego for their hospitality. They are part of #feericteam and they made sure that we also feel feeric even at 13.000 km far away from home.


Memories from the European fashion weeks are still fresh and I am so very grateful for what my team accomplished there. Couldn’t have made it so far without them! I don’t know how they manage to do the speech for the Oscars and to thank all those people behind them but my list is so long I could write a book about it.

Thanks again to Vogue, The New York Times, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Corriere della Sera, Fashionista for publishing photos of me!

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I am happy and thankful to all the brands that had me at their shows (Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Ermanno Scervino, Elisabetta Franchi, Cristiano Burani, Anteprima, Atsushi Nakashima, Valentin Yudashkin, Junko Shimada) and for the dinners that are hard to forget; for example the one with Armani staff, but I won’t unveil the secrets of the next possible projects that we’ve discussed. Then the lunches with Barbara from Magna Pars Hotel, also the Vogue Party that was one of the best I’ve ever attended and all the incredible people I have met there. They all made my first blogger experience something that made me understand that it’s what I want in life.


Now I will enjoy my glass of Malbec, the famous Argentinian wine which, by the way, is huuuuge and I’ll enjoy the view and warm weather alongside the company of the guys. I’m already planning my next days here and let me share with you that Eduardo and Diego are preparing something special for me but you will find it out in the next articles! Besos

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