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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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17 Iul

Maramureș County


Learned many things during these past few months, but by far the one of much significance is to make the most of what I have. As my love for travelling cannot be measured in words, I realized there are still places I never visited in my own country and that I could do that in safety terms regarding the circumstances caused by the times we are living in.

And for this, first trip me and my friends as it follows: Mitichi, Ciprian Silasi, Manuela Marincas, Iulia Secelean, Teodora Pop, Diana Potirca, Radu Suciu; we had planned was in Maramures, the land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs.

On our way there we have stopped at Sic as Mitichi was there before and considered it a place to be seen. And indeed it is!

108996824_286242779156299_8309958068658977863_n 110169800_949672228815667_2196260231344165567_n 110254339_321068222402123_1996664353534762615_n


Next on our route was The Blue Lake 


Untill the lake there is a 20 minute walk in the forest.

Totally worth it!



The only picture of me in the lake, in the middle of a bachelor’s party.

I just had to go for a swim! Yes, I did it in the dress.



 And then waited in the sun for my dress and hair to dry…

Perfect time for taking selfies with Manuela.




Spent the night in Negresti Oas, the city from where Manuela is coming from and she was kind enough to host us all. Recharged our batteries and then we were off to another great experience: „Mocăniță”

„Mocăniță is a narrow-gauge railway in Romania, most notably in Maramureș, Transylvania, and Bukovina. Archetypely, they are situated in mountainous areas and the locomotives operating on them (which themselves can also be referred to as mocănițăs) are steam-powered. These railways were built for cargo and passenger services – some in the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, before 1920 – but fell into disrepair over the years. Some are now being rehabilitated for the purposes of tourism.”

107700101_3240260496198980_5759675544016630166_o 107763595_3240260576198972_7638656526224808098_o 107869303_3240260532865643_267887565409610291_o


The entire trip with Mocanita was somewhere around 4 Hours with one hour stop, where lunch was served and I must admit, the entire organization overcame my expectations. Actually the entire experience did so. I must admit, never have I ever came across such gentle people, of a kindness that is rare to be seen nowadays, I was truly speechless and impressed.


On the same note, taking about things that impressed me and not only me, is Barsana Monastery.


107711161_3240260609532302_1407440062894123792_o 109731213_700682427445031_9218395977806311625_n


After enjoying the silence and the beauty of the place we were headed to Breb.

„The village of Breb sits below the Cock’s Crest (Creasta Cocoşului) peak in the Gutai Mountains between 450 and 700 meters. There are 400 homes in the village and it is said to be the home to around 1,500 people. Breb is one the best examples of the peasant strip farming culture still alive in Maramures.”


Spent the night in this village where we started with some…Horinca, a traditional Romanian spirit that contains ~ 24–65% alcohol by volume.



Woke up with this view and enjoyed a healthy breakfast at Pensiunea Marioara 













Then we enjoyed a walk around and a coffee & socata at Casa Lu Dochia.

110062390_726169661284775_506295503326405130_n     110018425_283301329590824_3210218958346497918_n


As I mentioned before, Maramures is the land of wooden churces, and here stand also the highest wooden church in the world, Sapanta- Peri. Next to it is the Merry Cemetery, „famous for its colourful tombstones with naïve paintings describing, in an original and poetic manner, the people who are buried there as well as scenes from their lives.”

109459507_3240260686198961_1232320850564211717_o 107958299_3240260762865620_516861876965071743_o


The trip ended perfeclty with something I live for: sunsets



I will leave you now enjoying some great pictures, courtesy of Mitichi, which we all agree knows best how to make you want to plan your next weekend in Maramures with his captures.


109709598_10221702824893893_2956022896412580038_o 109694615_10221702825493908_7629749903840931025_o 109672722_10221702823853867_4837559121589668360_o 109129603_10221695382067827_6841781553398316543_o 109454302_10221702824093873_6458367635972836634_o 109499560_10221702825173900_8236678582518594461_o 109553412_10221702826293928_3234019946203800359_o 109665917_10221702825773915_4178538110902628437_o 108168108_10221695380787795_3598821006382880013_o 108161573_10221695379587765_3666760143621308881_o 108142811_10221695380027776_7495394592417499831_o 108005221_10221684054544646_2415597826604060109_o 107998385_10221684053944631_5739688516053617039_o 107920329_10221684054184637_3288301456343479141_o 107901146_10221684053424618_3833059298729779533_o 107895323_10221684053704625_5337696913481271417_o 107893675_10221684052984607_7897942145233620985_o  107829322_10221695381107803_3797280053677080355_o 107829030_10221695380467787_5589320704967701302_o 107822470_10221695381747819_6012803274066024142_o 107686161_10221695381427811_8427509619685190230_o 107872181_10221684055064659_5075647106032496803_o 109828369_10221702824373880_4536608469151062836_o 109737735_10221702824613886_5663257339157195289_o














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