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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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6 Mar

Next step: Feeric Fashion Week

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Fashion week season came to an end I’m already making plans for the next one. It was by far the greatest season and I am not the only one saying that plus there’s proof: all the magazines I was featured in as one of the best dresses influencers of the season. It couldn’t be otherwise because I was dressed by so many talents like Bianca Popp, Luna Morgaciova, Alina Moza, Aida Lorena, Adriana Goilav, Amy Penny, Jagoda Bartczak, Andrada Bodea, Djamba Lydie, Haus Von M, and had with me the most elegant and chic Furla bags. Last but not least there was my partner in crime that made sure I always conquered the world with confident steps, Traces of Heels.


I realized that attitude is the best accessory and you can’t have that unless you wear comfortable heels.
With this army and with my hair looking on point thanks to ghd, there was no doubt. Everyone loved the hair color change I did with color touch and even if women always say guys never notice these changes, well I was proven wrong when mostly men complimented my new hair look. And by the way, have you seen the last picture of the ghd series? Here you go:


I also had another great partner with me – Paese from Beautyone Romania. Found there all I needed in order to look flawless and to have different makeup for each outfit. And truth be told I was not much of a lipstick addict… but then… I found some great shades and things changed.
Anyway, my Instagram account would never look so great without my amazing team and their great efforts and all the photographers that took pictures of me. They were all part of the #landitime phenomenon.
My words of thanks are not even enough to show all my appreciation. I can only promise I will always inspire them with great outfits and smiles from morning till sunset. Well, even after as it happened at the Aquazzura party.


Oh or at Modement show where I also wore a great outfit from Aries and I have to say I am so proud of her, of how far she came after last season in Feeric. Makes me really happy and proud of all #feericteam and all their hard work!

Weeks full of great events, amazing shows, great collections, new friendships and memories. Ow and I gotta admit also: French onion soup is the best! Added to my favorite “what to eat on a trip” list.
All this being said I can’t wait for next season to start but meanwhile guess what!!! Feeric Fashion Week!!! Even if we had a full agenda in London, Milan and Paris, we managed to do all our meetings for the 11th edition of Feeric and great news are in order. Make sure you join us from 17th to 22nd of July!
Meanwhile, go on Instagram and let me know which is your favorite outfit!

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