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Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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31 Mar

Outfits #PFW AW20


Time flies and a month has already passed since we have been in Paris. First, allow me to get you at some of the most important fashion shows I attended. Read all about them here 

And then, let’s enjoy together every single look I wore… in details. Well, I enjoyed them already while wearing them, but it’s hard to get enough so…:


  1. Aida Lorena Atelier dress, Bacon jacket, Gemelli boots

87459424_3098252490399782_5265016871328940032_o 90594890_3118439945047703_6004393403981234176_o 87809744_3098252583733106_6099999930040975360_o



2. Diana Caramaci shirt, Ramelle skirt, Chaotic jacket, Maestoso bag, Hardot heels

87594944_3098428383715526_3601044105888530432_o 87850158_3098428307048867_6204768171098898432_o 90020901_3120187591539605_8083568006615007232_o



3. Ramelle dress & jacket, Laura Olaru belt bag, Gemelli shoes

88986524_3099476696944028_4990576041731817472_o 90066884_3117148641843500_447195078646038528_o 90914206_3128210370737327_4000629102691221504_o

Credit 2nd picture: Valentina Valdinoci



4. Aida Lorena Atelier shirt, Theo coat, Iorgoni hat, 1stAtribut bag, Hardot boots

88052701_3099936706898027_604833546778968064_o 90636489_3124550554436642_4502679666850529280_o 88056459_3099936633564701_2850289874156650496_o

Credit 2nd picture: Valentina Valdinoci



5. Ie Clothing shirt, Theo jacket, Gemelli shoes

87804065_3097876840437347_5409373406502060032_o 89176411_3107654516126246_6115123703891099648_o 91813272_826730424470369_4267221236037189632_n

Credit 3rd picture: Valentina Valdinoci



6. Coco and Silk shirt, Bianca Popp skirt & coat, Pava bag, Gemelli heels

364d2e1c-3914-4061-a5d3-47d5649b8ca9 89424894_3109066902651674_5243758526970462208_o DSC09039

Credit 1st picture: Edward Berthelot



7.  Annema jacket, Chaotic pants

eeef684a-0ddb-4e4c-a622-c66e81c9ada2 89176231_3104018709823160_1939659298762129408_o 45609ea0-ff74-4280-b114-fdb82ebd5f25

Credit 1st and 3rd picture: Edward Berthelot



8. Rahul Mishra dress, Theo coat, Gemelli heels

87965567_3101496316742066_5264426347685478400_o 88175298_3100567670168264_2618299603665027072_o 87961681_3100451280179903_3214477481377529856_o



9. Stada Boutique dress, Gemelli heels

89972264_3117149975176700_5362796530581372928_o 90021460_3117150028510028_411650522009829376_o 90414802_3117149948510036_3684698021431345152_o


Don’t forget to let me know which you prefer the most and your favorite items. But before that, I must share with you one of my most precious memories from this #pfw. A night to remember, when I did nothing but take this gorgeous dress signed by Aida Lorena Atelier to a walk at the Eiffel Tour…


87883198_3098706273687737_4742097825582546944_o 88162499_3098706147021083_2856296708042653696_o


A bientot!



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