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19 Iul

Small conscious actions are better than none at all!

Success without purpose is a pretty meaningless life. You should read that again. I mean it, read that again. There’s no secret that every single human being is aiming to have success, but what is success after all? How do you measure success in a world that for some people success means having a multi million dollar company and for other simply enjoying a peaceful life with no concerns whatsoever?

Am I even successful if I don’t know what success means for me? Is it ok not knowing the right definition of success and if I will ever see myself as a successful person? Damn questions, right? Tell me about it. By the time I somehow manage to answer to one of them 10 others pop in my mind and create a circle that never ends.

Let’s leave aside for a second the talk about success or its absence and focus our attention on the purposes. I do have some in life, ones for myself only to know, others to be shared with the others. I won’t elaborate a list now, will simply share one I follow strictly and my entire self made universe gravitates around it. And that is to do good and be of use.

Now, few amendments:

– it is OK if you haven’t find your purposes yet

– when I say to be of use, I do refer for the others, myself, or the planet.

– same thing goes for when I say to do good.

And we are finally where I wanted to bring you from the beginning. It may vary what doing good for you or the other could mean, but we can all agree that doing good for the planet is actually doing good for ourselves and the ones around.

But before, something important that I must add, it has zero relevance in which field you activate, take my word for granted when I say not even one lacks the need of improving itself and so do better for the environment.  Take my example for instance. My field is fashion; sure there is much to be done as it is the second most polluting industry in the world. But my will of doing better doesn’t limit here. I do fight for a more sustainable industry, but I couldn’t do so if there wasn’t a balance between it and my way of living.

For this I must share with you some insights of my personal life:

– I am a vegetarian for 8 years. About this, I didn’t do my homework properly when I became one, and it took me some years to find out that gelatin is derived from pork skins, pork and cattle bones, or split cattle hides. Also, risotto? Boiled in chicken broth. Examples may continue, just want to underline that you should do a better research if you are or considering becoming a vegetarian.

– Non smoker for 2 years, 8 months and 1 week. There’s an app, as I can’t count on my memory that well haha. Saved lots of money, besides saving my health…

– TODAY I celebrate an year since I didn’t buy anything at all from the fast fashion industry. Just second hands and couldn’t be more proud. And fashionable.

– trying as much as I can not to use plastic and encouraging the others to do so, even though it’s hard as I live in Romania and there is no proper education regarding this matter. I welcomed in my life bamboo toothbrush, re-usable bottles, and more that you can name when you think of the opposite of the single use plastic… But we still miss centers where you can refill shampoo bottles, detergents packaging and so on.


Enough about me! These are my actions that maybe won’t make a difference for the planet but they sure as hell are doing a difference for me. I said the following sentence every time I had the opportunity and I will continue to use it: „small conscious actions are better than none at all”

I truly believe that if every one of us would embrace some ideas of a sustainable way of living we will all be heading a greater future. Change has to start somehow. And even if it’s a little uncomfortable at the beginning, if the change is for the better than its totally worth it.


And you thought I won’t talk fashion? There the hall idea behind this article. After i offered you some insights I thought it would be relevant to share what you can do for a sustainable fashion industry. There are 7 main forms of more sustainable fashion production and consumption, as it follows:

  1. On demand & custom made
  2. Green & Clean
  3. High quality & timeless design
  4. Fair & Ethical
  5. Repair, redesign & upcycle
  6. Rent, lease & swap
  7. Secondhand & vintage.


„Each garment should first be manufactured on demand or custom-made (No. 1), in high quality and timeless design (No. 2), in an environmentally friendly manner (No. 3) and with consideration to various ethical aspects (No. 4). Thereafter, it should be used long and well through good care, repair and perhaps redesign (No.5).When the product is no longer desired, it should be handed in to a secondhand shop, donated to charity or handed over to friends, relatives or perhaps a swap-shop, to prolong its active life (No.6 and 7). When the garment is completely worn out, it should be returned to a collection point for recycling of the textile material, which can hence be reused in the manufacturing of new clothes or other textile products. Ideally, instead of buying newly produced clothes, one should consider renting, borrowing or swapping clothes (No. 6), or to buy secondhand or vintage (No. 7).”

The piece above belongs to Green Strategy  as I couldn’t have said it better.


Ending on the same note as I started, I have to add I do hope I could be of use, and cannot conclude this without, yet again, encouraging you all to „Consume less, Pollute less”!


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