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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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4 Sep

September. It`s fashion weeks time

Peopleeee! Guess what time of the year it is. Yeah, ok, we all know it's September. That time when I will take you with me through my stories to London, Milan and Paris. You got it! It's fashion week season!!! And you all know how excited I am, actually I was just called a psychopath by my manager cause I had a dream last night about it and there are still 2 more weeks till then. But I can't help it....
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3 Apr

#feericdesigners. Best friends forever

I am going crazy. Literally. Nuts. I got used to the full schedule from the last period and now I am home and my team needs a vacation from me and the rest of my friends are at work or with babies or out of the city and I am going nuts. I just watched the last season of Vampire Diaries and I cleaned all my house and all my clothes, the dressing is all shiny, I played with Daisy, I...
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24 Feb

Coming back home to Milano

I thought nothing can be better after the London experience, but Milan wanted to prove me wrong. And it succeeded. I missed so much that Italian espresso that it was the first thing I ordered when I arrived. Ok let's make that 3. Felt like I was not going to sleep for a week but that's exactly how I want it to be. There are so many things to do here and time starts to be the enemy, it's never enough. After...
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