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Living the american dream
Been living a glimpse of the American dream the previous week. And met so many interesting people that I’m pretty sure is about time for me to visit America. Curios where I have been?
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5 Dec

Enough with top 3. The world is too amazing

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With the risk of repeating myself I must say the hardest thing for a traveler is picking a favorite place. In one of my latest interviews I was asked to name one, but that was before I spent this last week in Dubai… Actually I have been there before, and did the craziest things ever, like jump with a parachute! But never before Dubai made it in my top 3 until I saw it through the eyes of a “local”. I guess it’s better for me to give up this top 3 cause it changes so often that it’s starting to confuse me.

You know which are the best trips? The ones where you have to look in your camera roll in order to remember all the amazing things you have done cause there are so many.

Ok so first things first, I went at JW Marriot Marquis at the Plus Minus Party hosted by Adrian Grech and had to start with a cocktail to celebrate with Andreea, his wife, and Mitichi the fact that we were finally reunited in Dubai. Last time we saw each other was in Sibiu, my hometown. I wanna thank them now for every memory that makes me smile and everything they have done for us in Dubai. So I had to start with a cocktail to be ready for the full week that was about to come.

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Next day was scheduled for meetings in D3, Dubai Design District where we met some of the designers that you might just see in Feeric in 2018.

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We also got to introduce our new project Feeric33 to them and this is something I really wanted to updated you about. Soon we’re going to have an article dedicated to this project but till then make sure you follow the posts on our social media accounts.

After meetings guess what was in order??? Beach!

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Oh, my dear, how astonishing it was to touch the sand and enjoy a Mojito on the beach. We actually had luck with Angie who took us in a place we would never have found on our own. Cheers to you dear!



You left your mark on this trip and it wouldn’t have been the same without you. And talking about people that made our trip more beautiful, thanks are in order also for Ionu and his wife, Luiza. It’s because of them we got to see the golf club that you saw on my Insta stories. I love having friends everywhere I go and I am sure I wouldn’t have the same fun without you guys!

What better way to end that day with watching the sunset at the beach… followed by dinner with friends and a walk in La Mer – so even if I said I’d stop picking favorites, that is one of my favorites places in Dubai. It’s incredible how much Dubai has to offer! Wish those days never ended!


But actually I wanted that day to end just because something I’ve been waiting for a long time was about to happen the next day. 2 things actually. Going at the desert and shooting for M Calendar. Even better, shooting for M Calendar in the desert! I have done so many photo shootings with Mitichi in the past, but M Calendar is so close to my heart. And this was the 2nd time I had the pleasure to have the main role in it. With Roxana at makeup, and Angie by our side we took the car and drove off into the desert. But before that we made a quick stop at Bab Al Shams, a resort on the way, a magical place to be, where you must go in case you travel to Dubai.

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So we finally made it to the desert, got to see the dunes and was profoundly inspired by the beauty of it, that we kept taking shots for the calendar until there was no more light left. And the results are beyond expectations.

Between shootings and time well spent with friends, Dubai kept me full of energy from the first hour in the morning when I had my coffee at Four Season in order to discuss about Feeric Fashion Week,


until late in the night when I got to see also some of the night life that Dubai has to offer.


Dubai, you are one of a kind! Thank you and be sure I will be back there soon! For your beauty and for all the people we have met that made this one of the best trips!


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